How to Use MLA for Works Cited

MLA citation style is used in papers and in other writing work. As per the style, all works cited in the main writing body should be listed in a Work Cited page, at the end of the paper. The page includes all references, punctuation and other works cited in the main page. The page has to be prepared carefully at the end of the work because all entries listed in the Works Cited page should correspond with the works cited in the main body of the paper or any other writing piece. Some of MLA rules were updated in 2009.


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    Works Cited Page

    Prepare a page for the works cited in the main writing piece at the end of the paper after you finish the writing of the actual work. The page is numbered to be a part of the main work, not a separate page at all. It should include header and footer as does your main work, although it is an additional page from your actual work.

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    Title of Page

    You should give the page the title of Works Cited. However, do not use capital words or quotation. Just keep it simple. You may align it to centre of the page, leaving rest of the setting same as of all other pages. The listing of the cited work in this page has to be within the normal margin.

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    Listing of Works Cited

    Give at least double spacing between the lines of listing of the Works Cited.  However, do not skip spaces in the lines while listing an entry. Indent your page in hanging indent style, mention each single details of the cited work.

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    Page Numbers

    Make sure you list page numbers of each cited work. For example, if you quote a writer from a journal, write the page number of the journal from which you have picked up the writer's work.

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    MLA 2009 Rules

    While preparing Works Cited page at the end of your work, take into consideration MLA 2009 rules. For example, you do not have to mention the website rules, as 2009 MLA rules, and if you have taken work from an online source, but the work originally was published in print first, use the name of the online source in Italics.

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