How to Be a Sports Beat Writer

Sports beat writer is one of the coolest professions one can choose if he/she has the passion and knowledge of several sports. If you are aiming to become a sports beat writer, it is recommended that you get a college degree in the relevant field, as it will help you in learning the basics of journalism. However, one can also pursue the career even if he/she does not have the degree of sports journalism. It will be a bit hard at the start finding jobs, but one can always find a suitable job as a beginner in a small newspaper or a sports magazine.


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    The foremost step towards becoming a sports beat writer is to get a degree in journalism. Although many believe that getting a degree is not that necessary, it surely helps one in finding a good first job, and that too speedily. If you have not enough resources to get a degree in journalism or you do not have the time to get a professional degree, there are several institutes that offers diploma in journalism, and it is recommended that one get a diploma to learn the basics of the journalism before start searching for a job.

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    Resume plays an important role in finding good jobs, and one must build a good resume before looking out for a job. In addition, every editor will ask you about your previous work. In order to counter that, it is recommended that one writes up few articles for websites or magazines that publish your work without paying you.

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    You do not have to start searching for a job outside of your area. It is recommended that you try contacting the editor of your local newspaper, and see whether they have any opening at entry level for a sports writer. Furthermore, several newspapers do not hire the staff and are used to hire stingers, who provide them stories for money. Becoming a stinger at the start might be a good deal for you, as it will build your career, and will provide you enough experience to get a good job afterwards.

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    If you do not know how to take pictures of any sports, it is recommended that you start learning it. Without taking pictures, one will not be able to complete the story. Make sure that you learn the art in order to become a good sports beat writer.

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