How to Use Pneumatic Cylinders

Pneumatic cylinders are used in different industries like hydraulics, transportation, vacuuming, ventilation and electronics. They are energy efficient and easy to use, but require a proper understanding to use them safely. They can potentially cause damage if start functioning beyond their described functions. In that case a user must be aware of the safety guidelines how they can handle the situation in such case.

The cylinders are marketed by many companies nowadays, who also offer a complete safety advice and guidelines with the tool. Some of the lately developed models are more energy efficient and safer to use. Yet it is responsibility of a user to be aware of all safety guidelines, follow them when in a place where pneumatic cylinders are in use and act to handle the situation in case of an emergency. The user should also be able to carry out routine maintenance of the equipment to avoid possibility of any accident. These cylinders can be used safely by following simple steps.


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    Know Type of Cylinder You Want to Use

    As a consumer you should be aware which type of cylinder you intend to use that will satisfy your need. Some cylinders are used to power household appliances like vacuum cleaners and ventilators. Some cylinders operate with single piston and others with two. So be aware of your need.

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    Use Right Voltage

    Fluctuation of voltage can affect your cylinder and can potentially cause an accident. So you should read all the guidelines in the manual along with the cylinder that how much voltage it needs at a time, and then follow those instructions closely.

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    Practice Maintenance

    It is better that you carry out proper maintenance of the cylinder regularly so that a possibility of any accident does not arise. But be sure you are able to do the job, and if you do not know anything at all about cylinders, avoid even touching them. You can hire services of a mechanic then to do the work for you. For example, leaving air leaks is dangerous and if you become aware of it, do it at once before using the cylinder further.

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    Follow All Safety Guidelines

    It is important that you read and follow all safety guidelines. It will help you prevent any accident. For example, without knowing safety guidelines, you may not be aware of voltage use for the cylinder and this can cause an accident.

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    Know Your Options

    You should always look for quality while buying a pneumatic cylinder and then know the options to handle emergencies. You can minimise chances of accidents by following all safety guidelines and practising regular maintenance.

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