How to Use S Pen on Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note series, which was initiated with the launch of the original Galaxy Note around 2 years ago, brought back a lot of elements from smartphones of yore – most noticeably a bigger size and a stylus, which Samsung called the S Pen.

While there is nothing new about a smartphone with a stylus, the S Pen is not just a stick that works with capacitive or resistive screens. Samsung acquired a small stake in Wacom, the manufacturer of graphic tablets which are used by illustrators and designers around the world and are the tablets of choice for professionals. The S Pen is a result of their collaboration, and it works with a digitizer, laid out under the display, and has pressure sensitive and enhanced accuracy. If you have picked up a Galaxy Note (I or II), keep reading to learn how you can utilize all the S Pen features.


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    Air View

    One of the most recent features, Air View allows you to quickly preview content like text messages (from the stock app), calendar entries, contacts, photos and videos by just holding your S Pen a few millimeters over the display. You don’t have to actually touch the display; the digitizer itself identifies the S Pen when it is near.

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    Quick Commands

    This is one of the most useful features of the S Pen. Quick commands allow you to configure gestures to launch applications and perform actions. For instance, you can keep the button on the S Pen pressed and move it up vertically on the screen to open up the Quick Commands box. Then you can either write a word with a question mark to open search or draw @ to launch your email. You can create your own gestures to customize your experience further.

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    Easy Clip

    Cutting out content from web pages was never easier. With Easy Clip, all you have to do is press the button on your S Pen and draw around the content you wish to cut. You can draw however you want and the software will automatically clip the part you drew around and send it to the clipboard. You can then easily share the cutout to other apps or draw on it.

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    S Note

    Samsung’s S Note app has a host of productive features, allowing you to create quick notes, share them, record live sketches, add handwritten notes to photos, jot down equations, draw basic shapes, add colors and insert clip art.

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