How to Use Weight Lifting Wrist Straps

Those who are into bodybuilding must be familiar with weight lifting. Apart from having strength, the weight lifting also involves few techniques. Now, when we talk about techniques, the use of the Wrist Straps is nothing less than an art. Although the wrists straps are meant to provide a strong grip to the weight lifters so that, the strain on wrists and hands is minimum. This does not mean that the other muscles do not get strained while lifting weight. Nevertheless, by using wrist straps the weight lifters are able to get some extra support, which results in forming a better grip. Hence, it is important for a weight lifter to know how the wrist straps are effectively used.


  • 1

    Getting Started

    Hold the wrist strap in your hand and make a larger knot by inserting flat end of the strap into the loop at the other end of the strap.

  • 2

    The other hand

    Repeat the same with the other hand and make sure that the logo of the strap appears on the back of your palm right between the fingers and wrist area.

  • 3

    Position of the Straps

    After you have the straps on both hands then ensure that the position of the wrist straps is exactly the same on both your hands so as to avoid any balancing problem. The loose ends of the straps should be right along the thumb and forefingers at equal lengths.

  • 4

    Placing you hand on barbell

    Once you are sure that the both the straps are tightened firmly around both your wrists then place your hand on the barbell bar but with less force.

  • 5

    The loop on barbell

    Using the free end of the strap and create a double loop around the bar. As you close your hand, the loops should be right under your palm such that the hand are  holding the strap instead of the bar.

  • 6

    All set to lift weight

    Repeat the above process for the other hand and before you are all set to lift the weight try rotating the bar towards you as it will tighten the loops  more.

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