Product Review: Veet Depilatory

Every woman wants nice tanned legs for the summer. Even with the nicest tan if your legs are covered with hair they simply are not attractive. I have tried everything under the sun including waxing to keep the hair away. Waxing proves to be time consuming, messy and painful. Shaving simply did not last long enough and I seemed to burn my skin with depilatories until a friend of mine recommended I try Veet Depilatory.

Veet has several formulas the one I tried was the Sensitive Skin Formula. Being nervous about burning my skin, I tested the lotion on a small area near my ankle, waited eight minutes and wiped the area with a warm wet washcloth. It removed all the hair in the area.

I waited 24 hours to be sure that my skin did not burn from the product; I was pleased to see that my skin was clear of both burns and hair in the tested area. I moved onto removing the hair from both legs.

I made sure my legs were well coated with the lotion and waited the maximum time recommended of ten minutes because I do have rather thick, course hair. Again, wiping away with a warm, wet washcloth I soon found both legs hair free and burn free.

The first few times I used Veet, I had to reapply it about every three to four days. After about two weeks of use, I find I can go for close to seven days before I need to apply it again. The hair not only grows a bit slower it also is not as course or thick as it was when I started using the product.

A few tips for getting the most out of Veet:

– Use it before you shower but make sure you have cleaned the area well first, as oils and other summer products can cause an adverse reaction.
– Use a thick coat of Veet on the area you wish to cover. If you apply to thin it will dry and not work as well.
– Do not simply rinse the lotion away. Use a washcloth or sponge and apply firmly.
– When using a washcloth or sponge to wipe away the lotion or hair, wipe in the opposite direction of hair growth.
– Do not forget to rinse very well. Remember this is a still a chemical product and will continue to work on any area even with the slightest amount of lotion or film left on skin. This can cause very bad burns.
– Veet is not only a gentle product but also an effective one. If you want to spend more time in the sun and less time removing hair I strongly recommend trying any of the Veet products.

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