How to Use Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp has grown immensely popular amidst instant messaging clients and is probably used by most of your friends and acquaintances. All you need is a capable smart phone and a working internet connection to be able to send pictures, audio and even video clips to your contacts. The app not only facilitates communication, it also saves you money on cellular bills. The user-friendly interface makes it a treat to work with and almost impossible to stay away from. No matter where in the world your contact is, if he/she has Whatsapp you will be able to communicate effortlessly.


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    Before you can use Whatsapp, you will need to download it on your smart phone. Whatsapp is available for free download on most apps stores, depending on the operating system on your device. You can find it for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia.

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    Once the download is complete it will automatically install itself on the phone.

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    After installation, you need to run the app by tapping on the icon in the app drawer.

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    On the next screen you will be asked to enter your exact phone number with the country code. This is required to receive the verification code which the app will require before you can use it.

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    Once you are logged in, you will need to enter your profile name, which will be visible to your contacts. You can also upload a display picture at the time, or choose to put it up later.

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    The Whatsapp home screen will appear next, where you will be able to see chats, favourites, contacts and status.

  • 7

    Your app is now fully installed and ready for use. It will automatically search for other Whatsapp addresses in your phone’s contact list. The app has a contact list of its own where these contacts will appear. So, now you can easily see which people can be contacted through this app.

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    For use, you require either a Wi-Fi or a data connection. The app uses internet for data exchange, so any costs you may incur will be related to your data plan.

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