How to Use Your iPhone with GoPhone Service

Just like using a prepaid service, AT&T offers it by the name of “GoPhone”, which is basically a pay as you go cell phone, but it is not offered on all models offered by the wireless service provider. For one, the iPhone is particularly not available on this service directly by the communication provider, but there are simple ways to get your iPhone on their prepaid plan without having to sign a contract.

The whole point of being on GoPhone is to stay off of a contact with AT&T and pay as you wish, as much as you want depending on your usage.


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    Get an Unlocked iPhone

    The first thing required is having an unlocked iPhone at hand. An iPhone which is currently locked by the wireless subscription provider and is under contract for a specific amount of time is unable to be shifted onto the prepaid system. You can acquire an unlocked iPhone in two ways. One way is to buy it directly from the source, which would require paying the full price. The second would be to have one under contract, wait for that contract to finish up and then, have it properly unlocked.

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    Get a GoPhone SIM Card

    To run the GoPhone service on your iPhone would be obviously have a GoPhone SIM card. This can be done by purchasing one directly from AT&T and have it activated by putting it into your iPhone. To activate it, you must purchase a prepaid card and activate your GoPhone account online by following the instructions on the card. A 20-digit pin number will be found printed on the card, along with the need to type in your IMEI number. These two numbers are extremely important when activating your GoPhone SIM card, as there is no other way to do so without these numbers at hand.

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    Find IMEI and Activate

    When the activation wizard on your cellphone asks for the IMEI number, you can easily find it by going into the iPhone’s settings and clicking the “About” option and in there, the IMEI number can easily be found. It will be a 15-digit code and sometimes, the wizard may ask for the iPhone’s serial number, which is another word for the IMEI number of the cellphone at hand.

    Prior to this, iPhone users were facing difficulty in getting the AT&T logo to appear on their iPhones, but overtime, this issue has been resolved. Contact an expert if you continue facing problems in getting activated.

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