How to Visit the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton

The royal Alberta Museum (Canada) is a nice place to visit, if you enjoy art and sculptures. Visiting a museum is not hard, as all you have to do is book a visit and get to the place, but making the most from your visit is the key to learning from your trip.

For those, who have never visited museums before, it can be pretty confusing as to how to book a visit and find the location. Most importantly, little information about exhibitions and galleries doesn’t help the cause either, and different sections of the museums are often responsible for a waste of time and effort.


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    Visit museum’s website

    The website is the best place to get the desired information about the museum, and your visit as you can. If you know the URL, nice and go ahead, but if you don’t, you can use Google search engine to get your desired information. Type in the keyword “Royal Alberta Museum” and get the URL. Read the website at your convenience, and try to note down key information on paper for you to see in case you find it impossible to log onto the website.

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    In order to make your visit to the museum worth remembering and a great learning experience, you should know about the upcoming exhibitions. Exhibitions will help you learn a lot as they are often attended by people related to art and history. You may get in touch with the people. A number of exhibitions are conducted all year round. There are some permanent exhibitions such as Natural History Gallery, Syncrude Gallery of Aboriginal Culture and Wilds Alberta Gallery.

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    The Royal Alberta Museum has a rich collection of different studies, history and cultures. The collections are categorized in life sciences, earth science, human history and collections services. Click the tab “Collection & Research” and you will be redirected to the page that provides detailed information on research and collections on cultural studies, earth sciences and life sciences.

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    Get general information for visitors

    Click the tab “Visit” on the top of the website’s page and get general information about your visit. You should also get the information on museum’s location, hours (the most important thing as museum only opens on scheduled days), museum’s directions, phone number, and email addresses to get in touch with the officials or you have any queries, parking information if you plan to get to the museum by private vehicle, admission charges, and different tours (guided and unguided).

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