How to Walk for Exercise While Pregnant

Pregnancy certainly brings great joy for a couple but at the same time, it puts huge responsibility on both husband and wife. Pregnant women need extensive care, especially in the last couple of months. While healthy diet and medication is extremely vital in pregnancy, mild exercise and physical movements for the women are also recommended by the doctors. Walking is considered to be the best exercise for pregnant women, as it is simple, easy to do, inherit lesser risks and yields great benefits. You need to follow some simple tips while taking a walk during pregnancy.


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    First of all, you need to talk to your gynaecologist before starting this activity regularly. The gynaecologist will determine how risky your pregnancy is and then recommend you the better option. Never go against your doctor’s advice during this critical time period.

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    You need to wear supporting shoes and prefer the ones with solid arch support. Most pregnant women suffer from foot pain and that is why a proper pair of shoes is extremely important for walking exercise.

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    If you desire to increase the intensity of your workout a bit, you can opt for a course with hills. However, you have to ensure that your heartbeat rate remains at the appropriate level or otherwise some complications might result. A common heartbeat rate recommendation is 140bpm.

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    You can select some smooth surface, like sidewalks, paved roads, gravel pathway or high school track, to do power walking if you desire.

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    Realise that during the pregnancy, the centre of gravity of your body shifts and you need to be more careful while balancing yourself. Avoid hiking, even if you have been very comfortable with it before, as there are high risks involved in it. Doctors recommend that you better not go to the elevations more than 6,000 feet, so that you and your baby will get lot of oxygen.

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    Don’t go out for walk if the weather is too hot and avoid dehydration. Choose the coolest area of the day for going for a walk.

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    Take water along with you and keep sipping it at regular breaks while walking. Drink lots of water it will hydrate your body properly.

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    Wear a supportive belly hand under your clothes to support your back and belly.

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    You should warm up your body, cool it down and stretch well after the walk.

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