How to Ward Off a Coyote Attack

Coyotes are generally very calm and gentle creatures, who have no intentions of messing with humans. However, if they go hungry for far too long, and a human goes on and starts grazing around in their hunting ground, they might end up thinking that the human wants to be eaten, and that they are most definitely food.

Once the coyote has made the association of humans being food, then there is no stopping them. They will come at you with everything that they got and it is going to be up to you to ward them off. This isn’t going to be easy, but it is something that you need to do to save your life.


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    Make loud noises

    Now one of the best ways to scare anyone is to make loud noises. They end up wondering just what is wrong with you, and consider you to be partially insane to a certain extent.

    This is also the case with coyotes. Making loud noises will not only scare them, but it will also get them to question your mental nature. Now no one wants to eat defected food, and these random noises may end up convincing the coyotes that you just aren’t worth the trouble, since something is probably wrong with you in the first place.

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    Look bigger

    Another way to really scare of coyotes is to look bigger. Now you aren’t going to have enough time to work out and improve your muscle mass during an attack, so it might be smarter to just spread your arms and legs and jump up and down.

    If you have any other bags or such things with you, hold them above your head so that you look bigger than you actually are. This might really throw off the coyotes and with them not wanting to get obese, they might end up letting you go as it is.

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    Attack the coyotes

    Another way to go about things, is to go ahead and attack the coyotes. This is a rather bizarre and rash thing to do, but it is something that they just won’t expect. They won’t know who the hunter is anymore and if you manage to kill any one of them, they will know you mean business and will be looking to get away from you as soon as they possibly can.

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