How to Watch an Adult Movie While Children are Around

Everyone watches porn, there’s simply no denying that. Whether it was during your high school days or when your spouse away due to work, you might have watched it at least once. Some openly accept that they do, others do it hiding; truth is one way or another you need to answer to this natural urge to pleasure yourself. The question is how will you do it when the children are around? In order to do that you need to come up with the right setting and here’s how you’ll do it.


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    The first thing that you need to make sure is that the computer or TV upon which you are going to watch the adult film should be placed in such a manner that you can see the entrance of the room from there. If the electronic device is not place in such a position then switch its place. It’s necessary to do that because you have to keep an eye if anyone comes in the room, and as you can’t lock the door because the children would be roaming around the house. Facing the door provides you the time to act and pretend that you were doing something else.

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    Set the screen of the monitor in such a way that the people or children passing by cannot see what is happening on the screen. Be discrete. Laptops are the best for this purpose as they allow you to position the way you like yourself to.

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    Always have your earphones plugged in while watching movies. While doing that, make sure that you only wear one ear bud because if you wear both you will be unable to hear any kind of sound if anyone’s around or enters the room.

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    Always leave an extra program or tab running when you are watching an adult film. This would be your decoy in case anybody comes up to you looking at what you are actually doing. However, don’t leave too many programs running as this would only slow down your system. Try to open only one porn movie at a time or you’ll end up switching to another porn tab in case someone shows up.

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    Pretend as if you’re doing something important. Don’t get carried away due to the excitement. Try to keep a serious expression instead of a drooling one. Otherwise, someone might notice that you’re up to something naughty.

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