How to Write a Character Centered Screenplay

Writing screenplays is a very hard job even if you are talented and know your story. It requires a lot of hard work and effort to come up with a good one. On the other hand, writing character centered screenplays are very different in contrast to writing characters for a fictional story or a novel. In this, the script is very dialogue centered and structured properly as well. You cannot afford to deviate from the character much too. However, there are a number of ways to pen a character centered screenplay with good effect and be successful at the same time.


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    Focus on your hero

    Make an interesting character like a hero or an amazing protagonist. Be aware of the fact that the hero is the main focus of the whole screenplay. He will direct the plot, and all the other characters follow his lead or revolve around him. Provide the hero with a goal or an objective like a thing that moves the plot ahead and inspires him. For instance in the TV series “Dexter”, Dexter Morgan has the urge to kill. In “Shawshank Redemption”, Tim Robbins’ character has to find a way out of the prison at all costs. You can give the motivation in the plot or in the hero’s personality.

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    Give your protagonist a close friend or aid

    You can provide the hero with a sidekick or a friend. Remember that it is not a necessary condition but can make your script a little better and interesting. Normally it is ideal to create this character a bit opposite to your hero. You can add humour and that way he connects with the hero. If your protagonist is a serious guy, then the buddy can offer some contrast in the comic department of your script.

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    Enemy is important for the screenplay

    Make a villain or an antagonist. This can be an enemy of the hero. His purpose is to cause distress in the hero’s life and try to stop him from reaching his goal. Also offer the villain with a motivation or a reason why he dislikes the protagonist and want to see his mission falter. You need to write good and fascinating dialogues for your characters as well. They should not be overly dramatic but nice and precise. You should read your script once you are done writing as that will help you find mistakes or errors.

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