How to Wear White After Labor Day

Wear white clothing after Labor Day, is considered by many to be a bad omen; to an extent that people even refrain from wearing white shoes or jewelry. However for all the fashion fanatics out there, this is a good opportunity to stand up, be bold, and negate the superstition. After all, fashion these days, is all about boldness and innovation.

White is a very elegant colour. It represents purity.You can let your imagination run wild with all the possibilities that you can come up with white. In the fall and winter months you count flaunt your white lace dress in public or you can wear a glamorous white blazer.


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    Selecting a fabric is pivotal. If you roam around wearing the wrong fabric in winters, not only will you harm your health but will also be considered a disaster by the fashion critics. There are different fabrics designed for different months. What you wear in winters can be worn in fall as well. Vary your style by wearing different fabrics and create your own signature style.

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    If ever you think of white as one colour then you are mistaken. White has over 50 shades and you can create your own style by wearing what you feel comfortable in. Picking the right shade of white after Labor Day is very important.

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    Shades like cream, off-white, bone and ivory are some of the favourites for winter months. If you are a working woman then you can tuck in your white shirt in your black laced skirt or a pair of formal trousers. On a night out with friends you do not really have to tuck in your shirt. You can adopt bolder shades if you are with close acquaintances. You will not get many chances to wear white shades through the course of the year so do not keep you favourite dresses stacked behind.

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    You can add a little spice to your fashion sense by wearing white accessories. They look utterly stunning and compliment the dresses you wear. You can wear cream leather bag, a pearl necklace, small yet beautiful earrings and a bracelet to go with the dress you are wearing. If your taste goes beyond these basic accessories, then you can wear gloves or a white belt with the outfit you are wearing.

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