How to Win a Credit Card Dispute

Credit cards are a great facility that we use every day in our lives. They allow us to not carry too much cash and be able to pay for something that we need while pay day is still to come. It’s something that if used properly can be of great value.

However, on occasions, one can get into trouble related with credit cards. Sometimes we get charges that look strange and we know have not been incurred by us. These could be variable in nature such as the amount charged is incorrect or there is a billing error in certain fees. It could be a case of a charge that we are totally unaware of.

In any of the above mentioned cases, one has to file a dispute to let the lender know that this charge was not incurred and you will not be paying for it. It’s a pretty simple procedure but one must be vigilant to make sure that the problem is solved at the earliest.


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    Be Sure

    Be certain that the charge on your bill was indeed not incurred by you. Errors can often take place but one must not be dishonest about such a matter. It is quite possible that it is an error on the part of the vendor or the system used by the credit card company. It can also be a case of theft of your credit card number which is quite common unfortunately.

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    Contact Lender Immediately

    Contact the lender immediately and let them know that the charge has not been incurred by you. Make sure that a dispute is officially opened. This is important to safeguard your rights. Most credit card service providers charge zero liability in case of credit card fraud these days. In case of a card number theft, make sure that you get the card closed down and request a new one.

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    Follow Up

    In order for the dispute to be successful in your favour, keep following up. If it is just an error by the company, it should be resolved soon. However, in case of wrong charge by the vendor or a stolen card number, the credit card company will have a full inquiry and this can take time. You will have your remaining credit during this period.

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