How to Win at Chess every time you play

Although you cannot be sure of winning at chess every time you play, you can improve your game by doing certain things, which will definitely help you get a much better winning percentage than your opponents. On the other hand, you can beat the amateurs almost every time you play against them, especially if you have been playing against professional chess players mostly.

When playing chess, you have to keep in mind that being proactive will help you dominate your opponents. Physical strength doesn’t make any difference in this game, but your mind needs to be sharp enough to read the strategy of the other person.

Things Required:

– Chessboard
– 2 players


  • 1

    Play with a relaxed mind

    Since chess is all about strategy, you have to use your brain throughout the game. Therefore, keep your mind relaxed before going into a match, especially if it is against a professional. For that purpose, you can either listen to some soft music or drink some water before and during the match.

  • 2

    Never give a bad trade

    You need to be aware of the worth of your pieces. You will have to protect the King in order to win the game, so make your moves cleverly. Think of the move in your mind and also see how your opponent can counter you. Try keeping your pieces protected otherwise your game will be in danger.

  • 3

    Nick your opponent’s pieces

    Be aggressive while playing the game, but you should keep things balanced. You will be unable to win the game, if you are not defending your own pieces. However, nick the pieces of your opponent whenever you see an opportunity, but foresee what moves can be made against you afterwards.

  • 4

    Move your pieces forward

    Chess is just like war, where you have to continue moving forward in order to checkmate your opponent's King.

  • 5

    Use all your pieces

    In order to pressurise your opponent, use all of your pieces. They all have a purpose and role to play, and there is no use of keeping them behind the lines.

  • 6

    Don’t touch the piece until you are sure

    Touch the piece only when you are sure of the move you wish to make. If you are unsure and planning inside your head, keep your hands off the pieces.

  • 7


    No matter what game you are playing, you have to practice hard in order to achieve perfection. Same is the case with chess, so start playing on your computer against the AI in order to learn the techniques.

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