Tandem Recumbent Bikes

Whether or not you are an avid rider of bicycles outdoors, or love to use exercise bikes in a gym or at home, tandem recumbent bikes are an exciting choice for both outdoor fun and exercise. Health professionals will agree that cardio training is healthy for all ages, and bike riding has always been a great form or a natural cardio workout and general physical exercise. And there is a great deal to be said for the all around healthful value of getting out in the fresh air with a friend or family. A recumbent is a unique bike that is perfect for both enjoyment and exercising. And on tandem, you have the seat for a partner to enjoy the outdoors and the workout as well.

Recumbent bikes have gained in popularity, both as home stationary exercise equipment, and in the outdoors. The body position and seat of a recumbent bike can be more comfortable than the vertical position of a standard bike. And people prefer the recumbent seats to the skinny hard pointy wedge-inducing seat of the standard bikes.

Many people also are preferring recumbent bikes because of safety. Recumbents are lower to the ground so you have a lower center of gravity. Your feet are in front of the rest of your body and you ride almost in a horizontal position.

Recumbent bikes are used by all ages. Longtime bikers seek “comfort bikes” to keep up their hobby and exercise. Other families get on their tandem and strap their children onto a bike trailer for a fun outing-great for a positive experience and best for health as well as exercise.

Tandem recumbents are great for family touring and outings of any age group. Across the country there are organized rides for recumbent riders. And often organized bicycle outings and races will have recumbent riders in their midst. When you are out on your recumbent tandem with your partner or child, be prepared for waves and smiles as you’re riding around!

It can be a bit difficult to find a tandem recumbent as some manufacturers have gone out of business. The Longbikes models are available by contact online at Info@LongBikes.com.

So if you are thinking about sharing a nice ride and getting some exercise too, a tandem recumbent may be for you.

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