How to Care for Your Fingernails

How would you react if someone wanted to take a look at your nails? Would you be too embarrassed to show them, or would you be happy to show off your nails. For women this is a very important topic. The more that you actually know about your nails the better you will be able to care for them. Your nails are made up of hardened dead cells containing the fibrous protein keratin. Everyone’s nails grow at different rates. The average monthly nail growth for a healthy person is about 0.12 inches. Do you realize how complex your nails are? There are actually a number of major visible parts as well as some that you can not see. The nail consists of the nail plate, the Lunule, (which is the half-moon shapes whitish part at the base of the nail), the nail folds proximal and lateral (which is the skin surrounding the nail plate, the ephonychium, the cuticle, the free edge, and the Hyponychium which is found underneath the free edge of the nail.

By caring for your nails properly not only will they look good but you will make them stronger. What helps to keep your nails strong and flexible is water. As I stated before nails contain keratin, and keratin strands need water in order to be flexible. Without moisture your nails will become very weak and brittle. You can also help your nails by regularly massaging the nail plate with cream or oil. You may also want to put a drop of oil under the free edge of the nail which will keep your nails from drying out. If is also important that you cut and file your nails properly and on a regular basis. It is recommended that you file your nails from the side toward the middle. You will want to keep in mind that by filing the corners away you will weaken the nail. There are some women who like to keep their nails very long but if your nails are too long you might attract negative attention to yourself, and it may make it difficult to do your everyday tasks. One thing you should never do is pick at your nails with a sharp object. This is because the tissue underneath the free edge of your nail can be damaged by this. It can even cause the nail to separate from the nail bed and cause it to become infected.

Did you know that strong and healthy nails and dry brittle nails are inherited? This is why some people have strong nails and some have dry, brittle, and week nails. By caring for your nails on a regular basis you will ensure that they look good and are strong and healthy. I personally would recommend against artificial nails, unless you have some type of medical condition that causes your nails not to grow. Fake nails only increase your risks of getting an infection, and can actually cause more harm and damage to your nails. When fake nails or tips are put on your own nails they are actually being glued to the nail itself. And once the fake nail begins to separate from the real nail moisture can begin to seep in-between and cause fungus to form. If you care for your nails properly they will grow beautifully all by themselves. There is nothing wrong with getting a manicure once a week to keep your nails looking good. Most stores carry some type of manicure kit that you can buy to give yourself a manicure at home. They are very inexpensive, and easy to use. I always say that natural is definitely healthier, and cheaper. These are two things that moms love.

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