How to Win at Euchre Card Game

Euchre is а traditional card game and requires а deck that uses only nine through ace in each of the four suits in а standard pack of playing cards. In order to play the game, you need to have four players divided in two teams.

This was just a basic introduction of the game. However, this is not about how to play the game. In fact, this is information about strategy, a collection of tips on how to be successful at Euchre once you already know the ropes.

Things Required:

– A pack of standard playing cards, with 2-8 in each suit, as well as both jokers removed. The remaining deck should contain 24 cards
– 4 players


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    Unless you have at least two or preferably three guaranteed tricks, you should never even think about bidding a trump. The ideal case is that you have both the bowers and another high card in the trump suit, when you can bid a trump. During the game, you should never expect any kind of help from your partner.

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    Because of the fact that there are only five tricks in one Euchre hand, you should always try to play strong right from the beginning as there is no time to beat around the bush. Play your best cards early in the hand and then hope that you or your partner can keep control of the game.

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    If you have a good high hand but do not have the right bower, you can “fish” for it by leading with a low card in the trump suit. This way, once the right bower is played, your remaining trump cards are winners.

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    Even when your opponents have the bid and you and your partner are trying to “set” them, you should still play strong. You should throw down whatever strong card you have in your hand, as this may allow you win a trick, which in turn, may turn the tables in your favour. In Euchre you need to seize your opportunities as quickly as possible to dominate your opponents.

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    If you have a high trump card that is not a guaranteed winner, such as the left bower, the ace or the king, along with a lower trump card, try to hang onto your best card until the right bower has been played. This way, your card becomes an almost guaranteed winner. The downside, of course, is that you are playing passively and banking on one trick late in the hand.

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