How to Perform the Vanishing Card Trick

This type of Impromptu Card trick does not normally have to do anything with the game of cards unless you are actually trying to bluff other players. However, it can prove to be a piece of entertainment for viewers as well as young kids who think that a magic trick is being played before them. Although this trick works best when played using proper playing cards, but you can also play it with any other form of cards.  The reason why it is good to play with a proper plying card is because it is more elastic and less likely to lose shape when bent between fingers. All you need to do in order to play this trick is use your thumb and forefingers to create an illusion!


  • 1

    Shape your hand in such a way that your palm is open and fingers straight with the thumb positioned parallel to the index finger.

  • 2

    Move the middle and ring finger forward in such a way that they both appear ahead of the index and pinky finger.

  • 3

    Bend a card from the middle in such a way that when you hold it in your hand, the middle and ring fingers are behind the center of the card.

  • 4

    Hold the top of the card sides such that one top corner is between the index and middle finger, while the other top corner is between the ring and pinky finger.

  • 5

    Now bend the second and third finger in such a way that you have them below the base line of the card in hand, but make sure that you do not lose grip on the top sides of the card.

  • 6

    As you push the second and middle finger upwards the card will slide on the back of your palm. Again when you pull the same fingers inwards, the card will appear back.

  • 7

    Repeat the procedure with your hand shaking continuously so as not to let anyone judge that the sides of the card are visible.

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