How to Win Mahjong Titans Fortress

Mahjong Titans Fortress is a game that comes preinstalled in windows vista and is the new version of Mahjong solitaire. The game allow users to choose a tile layout from six options; dragon, crab, fortress, cat, turtle and spider. These options not just change the layout of the game but these also reflects the difficulty level of the game. The prime objective of the game is to gather as much tiles as you can but note that you can only collect ‘open’ tiles. Here, open tiles are the tiles which can be moved freely.


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    Choose your tile

    In order to start playing the game, you must choose the type of tile that you wish to collect. For this, you will have to select the layout. After you have chosen the tile, you must start searching for similar tiles to collect as the more tiles you gather greater will be your chance to win the game. In order to collect the appropriate tile, you must ensure that the tile type and number matches with your tile.

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    Collect special tiles

    You should not be solely focusing on matching the ordinary tiles. Of course they are necessary for clearing the level but in order to gain maximum points, you must also focus on collecting special tiles that includes winds, seasons, flowers and dragons. In order to match flower and seasons tiles, you do not have to match the number; all you need is to have the same layout.

  • 3

    Search for an available option

    In order to check your available options, move the mouse to the top left screen and click on ‘Game’ and choose ‘Hint’ from the options. This will flash two tiles on your screen and will list the options of moves you can perform. Taking help from these hints will always help you perform better in the game and note that there is no loss in taking help from the hints. So you should use these hints as much as possible.

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    Work hard to collect matches in a sequence

    Your focus should be to collect as much pairs in a row as possible. If you are able to gather more than one matched pair or a particular layout, you will be awarded bonus points.

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    Search the internet for cheat codes

    There is always a hidden way to get more things, you should search the internet for cheat codes that would assist you in winning the game.

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