How to Win the Tour De France

The Tour De France is one of the biggest sporting events in the world which is annual held in France and does include other countries as well. The bicycle extreme race is now over 100 years old and has produced some of world’s top athletes and well known people, who look forward to competing for glory, fame and honour each and every year.

Trying to win the Tour De France is not for the light hearted and amateur bicyclers, since many come and go but the winners are limited in their number. There is a proper routine to follow if you are looking to master the biggest cycling event in history and giving up everything else in your quest for that is only but one requirement that will lead you closer to it.


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    Intense Workouts

    Participating in the Tour De France is no easy task as the race usually lasts 21 days, with just 2 days of rest in between and has the top cyclers from the world competing to dominate the 3,200 km racetrack. This is not possible to achieve for just any athlete, but one that will ultimately work so hard and intense that they reign supreme. This involves specific training to build muscles all around your body and adapt them to working at a high heart rate at all times. Sometimes pushing the maximum limits as well, on a regular basis.

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    Mental Fitness

    The race is not only testing your body for its endurance levels, but also your mind in a major way. If you are not feeling like a winner, than there is no point in taking part and wasting the time of others. Since there are over 3000 kilometers to cover, having enough mental stability and dedication to go through with it is what is really required by the best who eventually go on to win.

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    Supplement Your Body

    Your body will be working out harder than it ever has before, which is why you need to kick off that extra supplementing phase when you begin training for the Tour De France. Work on your core muscles and be sure to give your body enough protein after every workout session according to the guidance of any physical trainer you may have.

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    The Bike Makes a Winner

    While the bike you use in the race will be not as important as how strong you are mentally and physically, it does without a doubt, play a major role in getting you to the finish line.

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