How to Winterize Your Car

When snowy winter arrives, there are many changes that are made to everyone’s daily routines. Special care is needed in all aspects of life. From people to belongings, everyone should be ready.

The same goes for cars.

They are locomotives that transport us from one point to another and serve quite well. However, in winters if special care is not provided to them, there are many issues that can take place. The biggest issue can be them breaking down and leaving us with no ride.

In order to ensure that such a problem does not take place, it is best that some precautionary steps are taken in advance. By making these slight adjustments, a lot of trouble can be avoided. It can simply be called as winterizing the car.


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    Car Fluids

    Make sure that all essential fluids are in their suggested quantity. In case any of these is close to expiration, it is best to replace it and make sure that no issues take place during the winters.

    Do ensure that you add windshield washer fluid instead of water in the windshield washer reservoir since normal water will freeze.

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    Ensure that the tires are in good condition and have a good grip on the road. Make sure that the treads are not too worn. Also, periodically check for the air pressure in the tires as it can go low in winters. In case the tires are worn, it is best to replace them with new ones. Keep a spare tire at all times and make sure that the tire changing equipment is also safely placed in the trunk.

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    Brakes are very important during snow days. Check to see that they are in proper order and make any necessary adjustments. Brake pads should also be in good condition.

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    Heating System

    Heating system is needed in the car during the winters since it can get really really cold. Make sure that it is functioning properly, ahead of time, to avoid inconvenience.

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    Get the battery serviced and add water to it as per the prescribed level. Also get a diagnostic check on it. In case the battery has been in use for four years or more, it is advisable that a new one is put in place before the start of winters.

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    Emergency Kit

    Road conditions can get really bad during the winters so it is important that there is an emergency kit available to you. It should have a snow shovel, snow boots, ice scraper, gloves, some non-perishable food, blankets and a flash light. These can come in very handy in case of an untoward incident.

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