Economy Car: The Chevy Aveo 2005

If you’re looking for a economy car, check out the Chevy AVEO 2005. On the driver’s side you may first notice that the gas and brake pedals are rather close together. There are small mirrors in the visors. The dashboard lights up in green. The time and information as to whether your lights are on or off are in the middle up front near the windshield. On the driver’s door there is a small compact on the door to put information such as maps or papers in.

There is also one of the four speakers included. If you want a breeze you have to open the windows by rolling them down yourself. In the middle up front there is a place to hold your CDs, the radio, cigarette lighter, a place to put your loose change and two cup holders. CD player may result in a additional cost. The AC has a light to indicate when it’s on. Mirrors for driver and passenger can be adjusted by using a handle. Below in between the driver and passenger is where the shift and emergency break are located. On the passengers side, the seat has a slim area to put stuff into on the back side.

The back can seat 3 comfortably and may help in slouching. There are two speakers in the back behind the seats. One cup holder is in the middle for back seat passengers. The trunk can be opened from inside the car and can accommodate 7-9 plastic bags depending on how loaded each bag is. The trunk can also be opened from the inside. The lights are amazingly sharp which is great for driving at night.

Overall this may be a good car to teach someone to drive with. It’s got enough space for the basics and can save money on gas with it’s 1.6 litter engine. Other aspects are: Lowest Priced Car with CD and MP3 player options. 5 year, 60,000 Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty. It was rated Best In Class Five Star Frontal Crash Safety. It’s available 4 door or 5 door. A bike rack, sunroof, weather side window reflecting, side moldings, custom vinyl floor mats, a cover for the front end, cargo tray and vehicle cover are available options. The Chevy Aveo starts around $9,995

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