How to Wrap Your Hands for Boxing

If you are planning to take up professional boxing or get in shape by learning to box, then the first and the most important thing for you is to properly learn how to wrap your hands with boxing hand wraps. The wraps are there to protect your hands from the trauma of landing punches and your bones from breaking. Without these wraps you can, in fact, inflict serious damage on your own hands and wrists. These wraps are instrumental in protecting the skin on the hands and the knuckles. In this article you will learn how you can wrap your hands for boxing.


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    You need to start by placing the loop of the hand wrap around your thumb after unrolling it.

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    Wrapping over the back of your hand, you have to work your way down the wrist. The wrist needs to be wrapped two to three times which is necessary for it to have enough support to absorb the shock generated from the impact of the punches delivered by you.

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    Now you need to bring the wrap up just under your pinky, moving across to the palm of the hand diagonally, working your way from the wrist and across the back of the hand.

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    Once the wrap up has reached the palm, you now need to wrap across the knuckles. It is very important that you give your knuckles almost two to three wraps which will prevent the skin from being cut and protect the knuckles on impact.

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    After wrapping the knuckles three times, you need to wrap across the knuckles one more time but now go between the pinky and the ring finger. Taking the wrap down towards the palm, you need to bring it back up on the back side of your hand.

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    You now need to wrap between each finger just like the way you wrapped between your pinky and ring finger.

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    Once you have wrapped between the fingers, you need to wrap the wrist once more and then on to the thumb. Now giving your wrist a few more wraps, you need to secure it with the Velcro strap before finishing.

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