How to Write a Fantastic Query Letter

A query letter is basically an inquiry note from the writer to a publisher. In such type of correspondence, writers present their idea, give synopsis or offer the whole script and ask the publishers whether they are interested to publish it or not. However, you must know that the agents get countless proposals everyday so you should send a well written query letter to lock their attention.

Remember, it is your best shot and you do not want it to be your last. To make this effort more fruitful, you will have to keep couple of important things in mind.

First of all, you will mention your name, address and other details in separate lines. After that, mention the date of submission followed by the name and address of the recipient. Give a suitable salutation and then start your letter with a courteous sentence. Before coming to the point, make your addressee realise that you admire his commitment to the profession and that forced you to send the proposal to him. Next paragraphs of your letter will comprise a synopsis of the story.

However, you must know that the purpose of this description is just to make it more understandable. You are not supposed to send complete story with all turns and twists. In the end, you should remind them to check the attachments. Make them realise that you are ready to make few changes if needed. Conclude your letter with a proper greeting followed by your name.


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    Sample of a Fantastic Query Letter:


    Peter Thomas,
    47 Hill View Society,
    Birmingham- 17576.
    August 7, 2009.


    Allan Parker,
    Max Words Publishers,
    367 Fountain Avenue,
    Birmingham- 76193.

    Dear Allan,

    It is certainly a matter of great honour to be conversant with you. I am a big fan of the work Max Words has been publishing. This was the only reason that your name came into my mind when I wanted representation of “Magically Yours”, my 3000 words magic-fantasy novel.

    Alex Cooper is a just an ordinary ninth grader who lives with his grandfather. He is physically weak and pathetic in studies. Due to his naiveness, he is a laughing stock of whole school. However, things change when he finds an old transcript from his grandfather’s trunk and gets an entry in the world of magic.

    He gains supernatural powers and starts threatening others. Gradually, he devotes his soul to the devil. At this stage, his grandfather comes to help him and saves his soul from devil. He educates Alex that all the powers lie within and one just needs to focus and bring out those positive energies. The story ends with Alex vowing to follow the right track.

    I’ve attached the complete script for your perusal and I hope you will find it interesting. I also request you to spare some time for a one-on-one meeting. We can discuss everything in detail and make changes if needed. Hoping for an affirmative response.


    Peter Thomas.

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    Template of a Fantastic Query Letter:


    [Your name]
    [Your address]
    [City and postal code]


    [Recipient’s name]
    [Company’s Name]
    [Address and postal code]

    Dear [name of the addressee],

    I am writing this letter with sense of pride and honour as hardly few get a chance to approach [company’s name] with a proposal. I have always been a huge fan of your work and that is why I decided to contact you for the representation of [mention the title and other details of your script].

    The story of [title of the script] revolves around [give synopsis of the story]. I am sending a copy of script for your perusal and I hope this will be able to help you in deciding its worth.

    I hope you will spare some time for a detailed meeting as well. Hoping to see you soon.


    [Your name]

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