Farewell Letter to Father

A farewell letter to father is usually written by his son or daughter who is leaving him on a temporary or permanent basis. In this letter, the son or daughter shows his or her love for father by mentioning his sacrifices for the children.

Farewells are emotional so make sure that you write in as much detail as possible. Talk about everything which you think is significant enough to be shared between you and your father.

Here you can learn how to write a farewell letter to father. Scroll down and check out our template and sample.

Tips to write Farewell Letter to Father

  • Write in detail
  • Use emotions
  • You can use an informal tone depending upon your relationship


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    Sample of Farewell Letter to Father

    January 11, 2013

    Mr. Michael Jordon
    460 Central Avenue,
    CA 08059

    Dear Father,

    You are aware about the fact that my school studies are over at Lincoln School and I have obtained admission at Stocks College. I shall be leaving in a few days for a period of two years.

    But before that, I want to say many things that I have been feeling for you over the years. Throughout this letter, I want to tell you that I love you very much and without your help and support I could not have been able to get success in my student life.

    You are the most loving and caring father in the world and I am nothing without you. It is very hard for me to leave you but I have to complete my higher studies at Stocks College. You also want me to complete my education. I shall remain in contact and will be back as soon as I complete my education.

    Your loving son,

    Sam Michael

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    Template for Farewell Letter to Father


    Mr [Father’s Name]
    [Street Address]
    [State and Postal Code]

    Dear [Father/Dad/Papa],

    You are well aware about the completion of my studies at [School Name] and I have also got admission in [College Name].

    But, before going to [College Name], I want to express my feelings for you. I wish to say that I love you very much and you are the best father in the whole world.

    You have been paying attention to all my needs at [School Name] and helped me to reach where I am today. Now I am leaving for [College Name] for further studies. I want your help and prayers to complete my higher education at [College Name]. I shall stay in touch via phone on regular basis.

    Your loving son,

    [Your Name]

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