How to Write a Promotional Email Letter

Sending email is one of the most common techniques of promotion these days but it does not produce desired results until you draft your mail tactfully. You will notice that nobody likes promotional messages so you will have zero margin of error in this method of promotion. Making such emails noticeable is not an easy job but a few simple and effective techniques can be really helpful in this regard.

The first thing that your receiver will notice is the subject of your message. You should make a brief but catchy subject of your promotional email letter.

Begin your promotional email with an engaging salutation. It is always good to use your recipient’s name in the greeting. It’s like calling someone’s name in the crowd and forcing that person to look towards you.

After the greeting, you will have to catch their attention immediately in the opening paragraph otherwise they will send this email to the trash box. Give a striking offer which they cannot resist and then you will not find any trouble to keep them engaged until the last sentence.

In the second paragraph, you will explain the important features of your offer and make them realise that replying to this email can fetch something really valuable for them.

Next paragraph will comprise a deadline as it will mobilise the recipient to respond well in time. However, give them enough time to think about your offer otherwise they will not be able to decide.

In the end, write a convincing one liner followed by your contact information.


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    Sample of Promotional Email Letter:

    Subject: Now it’s YOUR time to make MONEY.

    Dear John,

    Are you tired of making others rich? Want to capture what you deserve?

    You are one of those lucky people who we are informing about the commencement of our 4-week class called “Zero to Infinity”.

    You will learn:

    How to come up with a unique business idea?

    How to execute the plan?

    How to start business without spending too much fortune?

    How to make it profitable in minimum time period?

    If you are serious to cruise from Zero to Infinity then visit Get registered for class which is beginning on November 14, 2009.

    Registration deadline is November 7. Class size is limited so participants will be enrolled on first-come basis.

    It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so do not squander it.

    Michael Clarke.

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    Template of Promotional Email Letter:

    Subject: (write a brief but catchy subject)

    [Dear (receiver’s first name)]

    Are you one of those who want to make best out of every day and live a fruitful life? If Yes then I've sent this email to right person as I am here with an offer (mention your offer).

    This is not an ordinary offer as this time you will (explain main features of your offer).

    However, you need to hurry as the deadline to avail this offer is (the relevant date). You can check on (relevant website link, contact information) to get further details.  

    I recommend you seize and capitalise the moment.

    [Your full name]

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