How to Write an Effective Advertisement

With the recent boost in media and communication industry, advertisement has become significantly important. Multi-national companies utilise audio and video aid for the promotion of their products and sales. That is why, it is really important to create an enticing ad for the target audience. The most important part of its production is the writing, as a writer is the person who conceives an idea and communicates it to others.

Mostly, people think that writing a 30-second advertisement is no big deal but the reality is entirely different as you will have to cater many things to write an effective advertisement.


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    Know the product:

    Initially you should do some research about the product. If your client has not provided you a sample of product then buy it from the market and use it yourself. Notice the cover and write down its ingredients and other important information. Browse internet to collect data about the ingredients. Your extensive research and personal experience will really help you in understanding the product.

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    Know the potential customer:

    Your next step should be to know the target audience. The nature of product will help you in determining the age bracket of potential customers. You should put extra effort to know their psyche, financial state, likes and dislikes. Remember, you cannot entice kids to buy home appliances. Similarly, elders won’t be interested in buying super heroes toys and gadgets.

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    Make a storyboard:

    Now, when you enough information about the product and potential customers, it is time to come up with an effective idea. Conceive a story and characters, build an issue, add curiosity, and then resolve the issue by establishing the importance of your product. Give special attention to the visuals as a single picture is more powerful then hundred words.

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    Start writing:

    You must know that there is a difference between an advertisement and announcement. Be creative and construct your sentences tactfully. Keep in mind the target audience and pick your vocabulary from their life. Keep the language direct and do not drag your sentences.

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    Make another study:

    After completing the script of your ad, spare some time and review it with a neutral frame of mind. You may ask some experienced person to give an honest opinion. The best person would be director of this ad. Make changes if needed and your advertisement is good to hit the screen.

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