How to Write an English Literature Thesis Paper

No matter how good you are in your studies, you will not find it easy to write a thesis on any subject. It requires a keen approach and hard work becomes a key. You will have to do some proper research and come out with an original idea in order to make your work a success. If you try looking for shortcuts, you will be unable to impress your teachers and mentors.

The best way of writing a thesis is to present a unique and novel idea, which catches the attention of your teacher. Most of the students don’t take it seriously and try to copy ideas already present on the internet and in the library. This can give you average grades at best, and that too if you are able to bypass the plagiarism check.

Every subject can be interesting, especially if you focus more on learning. It all depends on your interest. Even if the stream does not interest you, write the thesis just for the sake of learning. Do not try to just get over with it, because it will take the same time and the results will be far disappointing.

One of the most interesting subjects is literature, which can broaden your vision and also enhances your ability to get a grasp of the cultural heritage. Writing a thesis on literature can be quite a tedious job as it requires a lot of hard work and firm grasp of the language and its roots, but it can certainly be interesting.


  • 1

    Choose the topic

    Before planning other things, choose a topic for your thesis. Don’t go for the conventional ones instead try experimenting with something new. Take your time in deciding this, as it will be the basis of your entire work.

  • 2

    Do proper research

    The most important thing is your research. If you take things lightly, you will not be able to impress anyone, so make sure you have done all the hard work while exploring different aspects.

  • 3

    Prepare notes

    Whenever you get any relevant information, make sure to note it down. This way, you will find it easier to prepare your final thesis.

  • 4

    Create thesis with examples

    You can now create your thesis from the information gathered. Make sure you look for examples supporting your work, as that will not only make the content easier to understand, but will also show how hard you have been working on the research work.

  • 5

    Proof read it

    Make sure that you proof read your work. After the initial read, you might figure out some details which need to be added to make the work more immaculate. There might be a lot of typos in you work, and by re-visiting the thesis, you can be sure that your work is ready for submission.

  • 6

    Give proper references

    References are an important part of any thesis, and the same applies to literature based work. Ensure that the articles, journals and books that you are referring to are genuine and accepted worldwide.

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