How to Write an Original Novel

Novel is one of the most important forms of literature, besides poetry and drama. However, unlike the latter two, a novelist presents his thoughts in a simple and straight forward manner without using any sort of rhyming scheme etc. Writing an original novel is something like achieving a milestone and countless people try to accomplish this task in a reasonable manner. However, only a few earn fame because they know how to put things into a proper order which is required to write an original novel. Keep reading to know how to write an original novel.


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    First of all, you should master the subject of your novel. You need to have a sound knowledge about things that you are going to discuss in the novel. Make sure that you include your personal observation without taking anything from other novels as that can affect the originality of your work.

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    After deciding the subject of your novel, you should give it an appropriate title that could justify the whole story. Make sure that title reveals the crux of the work.

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    Select the characters for the novel. You should develop your characters in a natural way and show them behaving instinctively.

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    The plot of your novel should be interesting and all incidents should relate to each other. Do not deviate from the main theme and all of the proceedings should be included in a logical and sequential manner.

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    Do not worry about the mistakes while writing the initial draft of your novel. Keep exploring your ideas and transfer them on paper without paying much attention to the mistakes. Once you are done writing the whole story, then start editing and proofreading; it which will help you to remove all mistakes.

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    Writing a novel demands time and commitment and you need to spare a considerable amount of time on a daily basis in order to complete your novel in an efficient and timely manner.

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    Choosing a place for writing is also important. Select a room or area in your house that you think is most peaceful and where no one can disturb you and your thought process.

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    While writing the novel, if you get stuck at any point and feel a need to take help then discuss it with other people having the same taste. It will help you in getting new ideas and you will be able to get back on track.

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