How to write down minutes during business meetings

Writing down minutes during a business meeting can be of extremely importance. Why? It’s because the minutes record each and every detail which is discussed during the formal or informal meeting which is being conducted inside the workplace. Writing down good minutes during a business meeting can later save you from a lot of headaches. Minutes-writing is a skill which several employers appreciate. If you don’t know how to take down minutes, you can use the following guidelines.


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    Start off by obtaining information regarding the meeting and its agenda. You will also require minutes from the last meeting so you know the basis for which the meeting is being held. If there are background documents which need to be discussed, you must have a copy of them as well. Using a tape recorder for accuracy is advised.

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    Always sit beside the chairperson so you can listen to everything and anything which the people in the meeting have to say.

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    Write down Minutes of the Meeting (with date).

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    Always remember to record the exact date, time and place for the meeting.

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    You will also need to take down the attendance. This is mandatory because while you are writing minutes, you must know who was involved in the meeting. Moreover, in case the meeting is an open one, if there are certain people who have voting rights, write their names down.

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    Keep noting down the names of who arrived early or late so they are not missed throughout the minutes.

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    Always number the items which are being discussed and in the same order in which they are being discussed.

  • 8

    If there are certain people who have given a notion, write their name down and then mention what they had to say.

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    Once a motion is adopted or rejected, write it down. Do not forget to write down about the votes that have been given for and the votes which went against that notion. It is easier when the meeting is smaller; that way you can simply write the names of the people who votes yes.

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    You don’t really have to write down the details of each and every action which is being taken under consideration.

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    Right after the meeting, you must transcribe your minutes.

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    Follow the same format.

  • 13

    Start off by writing “Resolved that…”

  • 14

    If there are other important reports or files, consider attaching a copy alongside these minutes.

  • 15

    Write down “submitted by” and write your name with your signature and date.

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