How to Write Your Most Popular Post

If you enjoy writing and have the skills to post your content on the internet there is no reason why you cannot write a popular post by keeping some rules in mind before beginning writing and posting it up.


  • 1

    First step is to do your research regarding the topic which you are going to write on. Always remember to write something which is educational for the readers. If readers can learn anything from your piece then you will have succeeded in writing a popular post.

  • 2

    Share or convey something new and unique. Readers will only share your content if it carries something different.

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    Do not haste yourself; it is best that you take your time in the research and writing process in order to end up with an excellent piece.

  • 4

    Never ignore your headline because perfectly written content will mean little if it doesn’t have an attractive heading to carry it. A great headline is vital for generating the desired traffic. Remember it is the title of your post which would be visible when people will share it on social media. It has to convince people to click it in order to see what is written inside.

  • 5

    You need to grow your circle of bloggers for which it is recommended that you link other bloggers in your posts if their content is relevant to your post. This might lead them to checking out your content just to see who is linking them.

  • 6

    Mostly posts should be written in a simplistic style, as you talk to your friends in your daily life. It is better not to be too technical or formal.

  • 7

    Use your posts to communicate with the readers.

  • 8

    To maintain high standards you can hire an editor to polish your work before it gets published on the internet. Remember even the slightest error in your post will be a major turn off for your readers.

  • 9

    Visuals are very important; add pictures related to the content of your piece to enhance its impact.

  • 10

    You need to encourage your readers to comment on your posts, generating debates and more shares.

  • 11

    The problem with posts on the internet is that you just cannot ignore SEO tactics to optimize your content for search engines by using certain keywords.

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