How to Date Girls Using Facebook

You have to understand that dating isn’t an easy thing to do especially when you are seeking to lure someone who has an online profile. Scams and fake profiles exist on Facebook and you can be used for some odd reason. Despite knowing all this, if you are still interested in getting a girl through Facebook, you have to make sure that you have some extraordinary writing skills and a funny character that will ignite an interest from the girl who doesn’t even know you and haven’t seen your face ever in actual. You have to understand the fact that you will never find a girl of your choice online so you have to mould yourself in a way that you can afford a girl who is a bit different and trust her for what she says no matter what. If you will not trust a girl, you will not be able to develop interest in her. Similarly, it goes for you too. Don’t show-off as if you are a playboy.


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    Make your facebook profile with intense information and try to look it a bit anything out because you want to keep something for an actual date as well. Put details about movies, songs, genre, likes, dislikes, family etc.

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    Find a girl that matches your profile and send her a message. If message is blocked, poke her. If she is interested, she will get back to you. Keep your message and profile open so anyone who is interested in talking to you especially girls can contact you.

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    Send a decent looking message and impress the girl with your writing skills. Moreover, don’t try to look desperate at all. Just make sure that you entice a girl in prolonging a conversation with you which will help you in explaining and expressing your desire in a better fashion.

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    Once, the girl has replied you don’t reply her back instantaneously. Just give it some though, make a plan for your next move and try to lure her to add you as a friend. Put an online facebook game challenge to her and try to be friendly plus funny.

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    She will ask you to add her as a friend. Add her and start chatting with her often. Ask her for number and then start texting.

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    Ask her out.

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