iPod Accessories for Home, Car

So you are lucky enough to have landed one of the world’s most popular mP3 and AAC players, the iPod by Apple. You are having a great time transferring your entire CD collection to the device and downloading new music and audiobooks from your iTunes Music store. You are quickly falling in love with your new gadget, your stylish iPod, and you can not imagine living without it. You take it with you jogging and even to work to listen to on your breaks. You can not imagine traveling without your iPod and it accompanies you on every out-of-town trip. So what could be missing you ask? What about accessories to make your iPod travel better, sound better without the use of headphones and do more? Does that sound good? Well, read on to find out about some of the goodies that are available to help you make the most of your iPod.

Versatility at Home

There are several devices available to help you get more out of your iPod at home. Your iPod could be all the music player you will ever need in your home with the right accessories.

-Bose Sound Dock. Great iPod music is available for your entire household to hear when you hook your personal music library on your iPod to one of these stylish combination docking unit/external speakers. There are times when it could be construed as rude to walk around your home wearing ear buds. Plus, for those moments of serious housecleaning when you need some lively tunes but are a little too active to be wearing your iPod, the concept of external speakers is amazing. Plus, your iPod is designed to play music so beautifully; it seems a shame to maintain listening as a solitary pursuit. There other external speakers on the market and probably new ones in the planning stages right now. I have a very inexpensive pair that I picked up at a local retail store. I chose to highlight the Bose because it is so stylish and because it was rated as one of CNET’s most popular MP3 accessories.

-Stereo connection kits. Hook your existing stereo up to your iPod. Impress your guests with your impressive playlist at your next party. Hear all of your favorite tunes through your favorite stereo system while listening to the hand-picked music from your music library.

-iPod remote. You can purchase a remote control to operate your iPod when you are not right next to your iPod. When you are on the go and your iPod is hooked up to external speakers or to your home stereo system, you can easily manipulate your playlists, the volume and other features on your iPod.

-Power Adaptor. This accessory is an absolute must-have for the home. The ability to charge your iPod away from the computer is especially important if you want to listen to your iPod at night in bed and might fall asleep. By keeping your iPod plugged in, it will not run out of charge. Also, if you have one computer and more than one iPod, it is convenient to be able to charge the iPod away from the computer. The concept of keeping your iPod charged is very important as that is one way to keep the charge on the often-difficult to replace batteries that keep the iPod going.

-Fire Wire Cable. For quick transfer of music and all sorts of other data from various sources to your iPod, you need a Fire Wire Cable. Whatever you are trying to capture, Fire Wire will make fast and easy work of it.

-FM Transmitter. Want to keep up with the latest tunes on the radio? Love your music library but still always on the lookout for hot, new music? You may still need to listen to the radio to keep up but you love your iPod too much to put it down. You need an FM Transmitter that will play your favorite FM stations right on your iPod. Sorry, you will have to put up with the commercials!

Away from Home

-Apple iPod Camera Connector. Transfer your precious photos from your digital camera directly to your iPod Photo. No need to worry so much about those pesky “card is full” messages that pop up on your camera right when you need to take a cute shot. Instead of being required to fire up the computer, you can just download the pictures to your handy iPod Photo for viewing and/or storage. This is a great accessory for when you are traveling and away from your computer. This item rated as one of the most popular MP3 accessories by CNET.

-Monster iCase Travel Pack for iPod. This is a durable little protector and organizer for your iPod and lots of related accessories (cables, chargers and more). Very important for keeping your iPod safe and all related gear handy even when you are on the go. The fact that it looks great is an added benefit.

– Belkin TuneDok Car Holder for iPod. For those of you who have long commutes or just enjoy listening to great tunes in the car, a car holder is a nifty invention. Instead of your iPod flying off the passenger seat every time you hit the brakes, a frequent occurrence for me, it sits snugly in your car’s cup holder. This device helps with cord management also. I definitely have one of these on my wish list!

-iPod car adaptor. Once you have a place to stash your iPod in the car, you need a way to play your tunes using your car stereo. The model adaptor you use will depend on your make and model of car and on the generation and model of iPod that you own. Some adaptors are even wireless and play over a FM station on your radio. Some will charge and play music simultaneously. Once you start playing music from your iPod in the car, you will wonder how you ever got along without it!

-Auto Charger. Belkin is one manufacturer that makes a battery charger that you can plug into your car’s cigarette charger. It is great to listen to your iPod in the car but it is even better if your battery stays charged for the whole trip there and back.

-iPod Hoodie. I thought that the notion of iPod socks was the most creative I had heard in a while but now C. Ronson has come up with a product called an iPod hoodie. The most amazing thing is, it looks just like a hoodie! Available in both blue and pink, the only drawback to this stylish iPod coverall is that it does not let you access the controls without removing the garment. I am definitely adding this one to my wishlist.

-Contour Design iSee Ultra Clear Hard Case. If you want serious protection from the hard knocks of life for your iPod, you need a hard case. Inevitably, you will drop your iPod at some time. And the idea of packing your iPod in your purse or carry-on luggage without hard protection is daunting. The Contour Design case is one of many hard cases available. It was rated one of CNET’s most popular MP3 accessories.

The iPod’s popularity has spawned many desirable and useful accessories. Chosen carefully, the right accessories can greatly improve your iPod listening experience.

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