iPod Shuffle Review

My best friend gave me an iPod Shuffle as college graduation gift and it is by far the best gift I have ever received.

+ Unlike regular iPods, this gadget charges while connected to a USB port. So it charges while you are adding songs and arranging playlists. How cool is that? I have a cell phone charger, my laptop, a light, and a printer all plugged in near my desk; not having find another outlet for my iPod or buy and extra charger for work is a feature I am surprised other MP3 players have not latched onto.

+ The iPod Shuffle’s charge lasts up to 12 hours. I definitely get 12 hours and I’ve had it and used it regularly for over a year without any noticable reduction in charge time.

+ Apple definitely takes the cake in customer service. When I first opened my iPod Shuffle, it would not work. I thought it was something I did wrong so I read the manual cover to cover and still could not figure out how to get it charged or how to transfer songs to it. I went to the Apple website and found a live support chat at 2am! The very next day, I got a brand new iPod Shuffle delivered next day air rush delivery. The return envelope was pre-addressed and pre-paid. Doesn’t get any better than that.

+ The iPod Shuffle is so small and light (about the size of a pack of gum), it easily fits in the smallest of pockets (the normal iPods feel like a cell phone in your pocket). Just be sure not to wash the iPod which is easily done because its so small you can forget to take it out of your pocket before washing. Included is a cap that converts the iPod Shuffle into a lanyard making it perfect for all the ladies that don’t have pockets on their workout clothes.

Although the regular iPod has a few more features and more storage space, working out with a regular iPod is like working out with a cell phone in your pocket or worse carrying it. The iPod Shuffle, however is not even noticeable while working out you literally forget you have it on.

+ The iPod Shuffle can also be used as a USB thumbdrive allowing you to save files on it and transfer it to another PC.

– You will need to install iTunes to manage the song list on the iPod Shuffle. This would not be a problem except if you try to load songs from another PC with iTunes you lose all the songs you already had on it. I think this is Apple’s way of saying don’t use this to transfer songs from one PC to another.

– The iPod Shuffle does not have a display on the unit. Your options are Rewind , Fast Forward, Volume Up, Volume Down, Play/Pause, On/Off/Shuffle. You will need to memorize your playlist to be able find a specific song. I personally don’t find this as a problem because I never stop working out to look for a song. I just don’t put songs on it that I don’t like and let it shuffle through them. I listed this as a con because most other MP3 players have some form of display.

– I found the headphones to be uncomfortable. I felt like my ears were bruised from them so I bought a regular pair of headphones for instead. I think the headphones should come with ear piece size choices.

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