John F Kennedy Special School London

John F Kennedy is a prestigious school in the area of Newham. Experienced and dedicated staff of the school strives hard to provide support and assistance to special children between the age of 4 and 16. It operates in two spacious and purpose-built campuses that provide easy access to all class rooms, play grounds, pools and many other facilities. John F Kennedy Special School offers nursing facility, medical help, parents advice and a perfect learning environment for children with profound and multiple learning disabilities including autism, complex needs or other learning difficulties. The school allocates about 90 places to children each year, but as the students with learning difficulties are increasing, the school is also increasing its capacity to facilitate as many children as possible. With a perfect combination of curricular and extra-curricular activities, the school staff always strives hard to achieve its goal to bring the students at a level where they can utilize their maximum potential to thrive as individuals.

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    John F Kennedy Special School Services:

    John F Kennedy special school has a well organised system to provide a wide range of services to the local community. They provide the following services:

    - Special School
    - Art Therapy
    - Dietitian Service
    - Early Years Advisory Teams
    - Hearing Impairment Specialist
    - Speech and Language Services Therapy
    - Social Care
    - Occupational Therapy Services
    - Physiotherapy Services
    - School Nursing Service
    - Wheelchair Services
    -Visual Impairment Specialists
    -Educational Psychology Services
    -Clinical Psychology
    -Child protection

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    Operational Hours:

    The school remains open on Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 16:30 and it remains closed on Saturday and Sunday.

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    How to Contact to John F Kennedy Special School:

    If you want to admit your special child in the school, you need to contact the London Borough of Newham. The school admits only those students who are recommended by the Local Authority and the Special Needs Advisory Panel. Use the below given contact details to obtain further information.

    Contact: +44 20 8534 8544


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    Careers and Trainings at John F Kennedy Special School:

    Newham Borough of London organizes employment and training systems for the residents of Newham. If you want training in John F Kennedy Special School, you can contact the school or search the official website of the Newham government. For training, click here. And in case you're looking to apply in the school, click here.

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    John F Kennedy Special School Location:

    Stratford Campus

    Pitchford Street, London E15 4RZ, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to John F Kennedy Special School

    By Tube:

    Stratford tube station is located at 0.8 miles distance from John F Kennedy School. After leaving the station on Meridian Square, head east towards Great Eastern Road. Take Great Eastern road and walk for a minute, turn right onto The Grove, continue onto it and turn right onto Broadway, which will lead you to Tramway Avenue. Walk for two minutes on Tramway Avenue and turn right onto Pitch ford street, John F Kennedy School will be in front of you. View Map

    By Bus:

    If you want to travel by bus, you may choose from bus numbers 69, 104, 238, 241, 262, 276 or 473. All these will drop you at Paul Street (Stop P) in Stratford. Leave bus on W. Ham Lane, head northwest towards Paul Street and take the second left onto Pitchford Street. The school will be in your front.

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