Kenya Tourist Visit Visa Requirements in Dubai

Kenya and UAE share good relations as a result of that both countries have opened their consulates on each other’s soil. Infect, Kenya has a consulate in Abu Dhabi and one in Dubai as well. This consulate/embassy of Kenya issue almost all types of visas to both nationals and non-nationals residing (under different criteria) in Dubai. Among these visas tourist visa of Kenya stays in high demand in the residents of Dubai. As, this small country has lot to offer to its visitors such as Indian Ocean beaches, mountains, deserts, Africa’s best wildlife attractions, colourful tribal culture and so much more. If these attractions have enticed you then get the tourist visa of Kenya. For help in this regard you can consult from this step by step guide to get Kenya tourist visa from Dubai.


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    In order to apply for the tourist visa of Kenya first find out whether you require a visa or not from here. Those, who require a visa to enter into Kenya for leisure and sightseeing, need to fulfil following requirements:

    Provide original valid passport.

    Provide a completed online filled visa application form, which should be duly signed as well.

    Provide a photocopy of your flight Itinerary or letter from travel agent on company letterhead verifying the booking.

    Provide 2 passport size photographs (Computer generated pictures are Not Acceptable).

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    Online Visa Application

    All visa applications of Kenya should be filled online. One applicant should fill one application in order to receive a Unique Confirmation Number. Applicant should download, print out and sign the online visa application after filling it. Applications which are not filled online will be returned without processing. To continue with the online application click here or contact the Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Dubai.

    Address: Jumeirah beach road, Near Mercato Mall Jumeirah, Dubai. view map
    +971 4 3428111
    Visit Embassy of the Republic of Kenya Website

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    Visa Fee

    Visa fee for single entry (Tourist/Visitor/Business) is AED 200 and in case of multiple entries (Tourist/Visitor/Business) charges will be AED 400.

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    Mode of Payment

    Mode of payment for the tourist visa of Kenya is money order and cashiers cheque. Personal cheques and cash is Not Acceptable.

    Note: Applications came via mail with over and above payment of visa are not refundable.

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    Check List

    Before submission, check that you are providing an original valid passport.

    Make sure that you have fully completed the visa application form and also have duly signed it.

    Flight Itinerary or letter from travel agent on company letterhead to verify the applicant’s booking is also necessary to provide.

    Double check that you are providing 2 passport size photographs and not computer generated pictures.

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    Visa applications and supporting papers can be submitted by mail. However, before mailing or depositing your documents in person, first collect full information regarding submission from the Embassy of The Republic of Kenya in Dubai.

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    Processing Time

    The normal processing time period of Kenya tourist visa is 14 working days after the application is submitted with the Embassy of the Kenya in Dubai.

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    Check Status

    Applicants can also check the status of their visa application online, click here. For further queries applicants can get in touch with the authorities at the Embassy of the Kenya in Dubai.

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    Get Visa

    Usually passport is mailed back to the applicant once the visa is granted. Still it is recommended to all the applicants that they should verify about the visa collection from the Embassy of the Kenya in Dubai.

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