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The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, are cultural heritage sites which are situated in Richmond area of Surrey. They were founded back in 1759 and later in 2003, they were declared as UNESCO World Heritage. Kew is basically a set of gardens; one is situated in London whereas the second one is situated in Wakehurt. The Kew is one of the many attractive tourist attractions in the city and it also serves as a great place for plant science. The place is used for extensive research which is focused on saving the world’s plant life. The Kew also holds a massive collection of preserved and living plants used for research and other botanical information.

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    Kew Royal Botanic Gardens were formed by Lord Capel John and later they were prolonged by Dowager Princess of Wales, Augusta. The old Kew Park was demolished in 1802 which was known as White House. When the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens were formed, an early collection of plants came from walled garden. In 1771, Francis Masson was appointed as the first collector for the gardens then later in 1840, the gardens went under the supervision of National Botanic Gardens. The Palm House, which is also present in the gardens, was built during 1844 and 1848 by Richard Turner and Decimus Burton. Later in 1913, a Tea House was set on fire by Lilian Lenton and Suffragettes Olivw Wharry and in 1987, the Gardens also saw a miserable time when hundreds of trees were lost in the great Storm of 1987.

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    Nearest Attractions

    There are several other tourist attractions situated close to the Kew, Royal Botanic Gardens including:

    - Syon park
    - Richmond Athletic Ground
    - Richmond Green
    - Kew palace
    - The Orange Tree

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    Tickets and Entry Requirements

    Entry into the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens is subject to ticket purchase. You can either buy tickets on the spot while visiting the gardens or you can buy them online. Remember that tickets purchased online can take up to 7 working days to reach you. Adult tickets cost you £14.50 whereas discounted tickets are £12.50 each while children's entry is free. For online ticket purchase, please click here!

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    Operational Hours

    The Kew Royal Botanic Gardens opens at 9:30 everyday except Christmas holidays, whereas the closing time varies from season to season. You can see the latest closing times here!

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    Contact Details

    The management of Kew Royal Botanic Gardens can be contacted by giving them a call or sending them an email.

    Contact Number: +44 20 8332 5000

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    26 West Park Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 4DA, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get There

    By Tube

    The Kew, Royal Botanic Gardens are located about 5 minutes and 0.2 miles away from Kew tube station which serves District Line. On leaving the station head west on Layton Place and then take a slight left turn onto the Station Parade. After 190 feet, turn right and then turn right again. After another 49 feet, you will have to turn left onto Lichfield Road to find the gardens right in front of you. View Map

    By Bus

    You can also get there by taking bus number 65 and leaving at Kew Gardens Victoria Gate Stop which is located directly in front of your destination.

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