List of Turkish Restaurants in London

The Ottoman empire ruled over modern day Turkey and many parts of the Middle East and Asia. During their time at the helm of the empire, the Ottoman rulers fused together many different cuisines from the various parts of their kingdom to form what we call Turkish cuisine today. There are influences from Middle-Eastern, Mediterranean and Central Asian traditions in Turkish food and include Kebabs, breads and mezes. Turkish restaurants in London have kept these traditions alive today and serve the many regional dishes either in their original format or in new versions created by chefs. However, the simple but hearty dishes seem to always please diners who chose to dine at these great Turkish venues.


  • 1

    Haz Restaurant, offer a Turkish menu that is accompanied by an extensive wine list that features bottles from around the globe.

  • 2

    Kazan, is a Turkish restaurant that is inspired by Ottoman cuisine and recreate all these classic dishes on their menu. They also offer new dishes called Ottoman fusion.

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    Ozer Restaurant & Bar, is an eatery that is part of the Sofra restaurant group. The menu serves re-thought classic Turkish food in an environment that has all the needs of a business meeting.

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    Sofra Covent Garden, offers appetizers to full course Turkish meals. The relaxed atmosphere offers a place for friends and family. The house bar also serves wines and cocktails.

  • 5

    Efes Restaurant, offers traditional Turkish meals at reasonable prices. They also have a bar and takeaway counter.

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    Ishtar Restaurant, offers freshly prepared seasonal Turkish cuisine that is served in a relaxed and memorable environment. The restaurant also has a bar and wine list that should satisfy any diner.

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    Istanbul Meze Bar, is a popular restaurant that has the feel of a local food joint. The Turkish food is simple yet delicious and is priced to please all types of customers.

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    Sarastro,  serves mainly Turkish food but also has other Mediterranean dishes on the menu. The high end dining location has a bar and live music for guests.

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    Gallipoli Bazaar,  serves Turkish and Lebanese cuisine to their customers at their London location. The menu includes great meat and chicken dishes that will satisfy all foodies.

  • 10

    Ottoman Palace, places great importance on traditional cuisine and cooks all dishes accordingly. This can include different types of mezes and slow cooked meats and dishes.

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