How to Get India Tourist Visit Visa from London

India and United Kingdom share a long history which goes back to the time when Britishers were the rulers of South East Asia. However, since then things have changed a lot, now both the countries not only share good political, billetarl and economic relations but their people also quite frequently visit each others state. Since India is famous for its beautiful sites from Himaliyas to the wonderful beaches of Goa, historic places like Lal Qila, some of the biggest  jungles in Asia and one of the seven wonders of the world, Taj Mahal, therefore, lot of people from UK have started visiting this state for tourism. Culture and colourful night life in some of the big cities like Mumbai and Delhi are other reasons which attract foriegners.


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    a)      To apply for the tourist visit visa of India from London, you need to fulfill following requirements:

    b)      Provide your passport which should be valid for at 180 days and also have minimum two blank pages.

    c)       Provide your two recent 50*50 size photographs. To check the specifications of photographs click here.

    d)      Fill online application form by the book and don’t forget to sign it.

    e)      Deposit correct visa fee.

    Those who are related to professions such as media, police, armed forces, charity or social workers, priest and commercial flight pilots or staff members going to India for tourism should provide:

    a)      Employer’s letter which should be addressing to the High Commission of India in London or its respective consulates mentioning the purpose of your visit.

    b)      Those media related professionals who are self employed should provide an undertaking, stating that they will not conduct any activities related to their profession during their entire visit to India on this tourist visa.

    c)       Only in case of media related persons the visa fee will be £57.00 plus service charges (GBP10.20). The above fee includes £2 consular surcharge.

    Note: Applicants should provide above mentioned letters on the letter heads of their respective companies and it should be addressing HCI or its relevant consulates.

    For children under the age of 16, requirements are as:

    a)      A copy of birth certificate, which should be showing both the names of child/children’s parents.

    b)      Also provide the photocopies of child/children’s parents together with their copy of current Indian visa, only in case if they already have them. If child/children’s parents are Indian nation national then, they will provide the resident status of the United Kingdom.

    c)       Give a consulate letter which should be addressing the HCI in London or its related consulates. This letter should be signed by both the parents.

    d)      If the parents are divorced then, child custody letter should be provided from the court of law in respect of the child is required.

    e)      While in case of single parent, solicitor’s letter and child benefit letter should be given.

    f)       Those who previously had Indian nationality prior to acquiring foreign nationality should provide below mentioned documents:

    g)      A copy of the surrender certificate of the Indian passport OR

    h)      If they had travelled to India previously then provide their previous passport that has Indian visa on them.

    Important Note: Tourist visa applicants should submit the photocopies of their supporting documents and not the originals. Unless, originals documents are demanded.

    For the additional documents required from UK Passport or originating from Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka or Bangladeshclick here.

    For detailed information of tourist visit visa if India from London click here.

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    Fill Application Form Online

    To fill the application form online click here and applicants should submit the same at the preferred India visa application centre.

    To download additional forms click here.

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    Visa Fee

    All regular visas and surrender applications should have to pay £10.20 inclusive if VAT.

    Mode of payment will be cash, debit/credit card (except American Express card), or you can also made payment through bank draft which should be payable to “VF Services UK Ltd”.

    For further details click here.

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    Postal tourist visa applicants should submit their applications as per their county of residence. To select a county click here.

    Also such applicants should send it to centralized postal application centre. Postal applications require at least 10 working days to be processed, after receiving the form. Click here to view postal checklist.

    Or send your applications to Hayes
    India Visa Application Centre
    1-3, Canalside,
    Uxbridge Road
    Hayes, Middlesex, UB4 0JN, United Kingdom

    For online application submission click here.

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    Track Your Application

    You can track your application by visiting this website.

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    Receive Your Visa

    There are three ways applicants can collect their visas:

    By visiting Visa Application Centre where they had submitted their form. Applicant have to show original receipt issued to him or her at the time of submission in order to get the visa.

    Important Note: Collection timings of passports are 1300 hours - 1630 hours at the Visa Application Centres. Tokens are issued from 12:45 hours onwards.

    Second way to get your visa is through DX courier. Those who wish to avail this facility have to pay £7.40 to this leading private courier company. Visit DX Courier Website for details.

    Third option is Royal Mail, Indian visa application centres can provide this facility, if applicant has enclosed a special delivery envelope with his or her visa application at the time of submission.

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