London Olympics Torch Relay

Dissemination of light has been a historical Greek tradition, which is still being followed in the modern games. The actual reason behind spreading this ignite is to deliver the message of unity, friendship and peace, which is why a huge number of Torchbearers travel a specific distance and then pass on the cauldron, to the next torchbearer. In 2012 London the capital city of United Kingdom, is honored with this prestigious duty of hosting the Olympics. From 19th of May 2012 till 27th of July 2012 the torch will wrap up the required distance. Every year the design of the torch also changes, which is usually designed in such a way that it portrays the aspect of the particular games. According to  the route planners, it will take total 70 days to deliver the torch at its actual destination, Olympic Park London.


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    History of Olympic Torch Relay:

    The importance of fire has always been celestial for ancient Greeks – it is believed by them that Prometheus, the titan, stole the fire from Gods. Therefore the burning of fire on an altar, has always kept on utmost priority in various events. Likewise in Olympics, the ignited flame is basically honoring the Zeus (According to Greek believes God of all men). Every year before the games starts, a specific ritual is followed in order to lighten the flame. From Greece this cultural festival has traveled all over the globe, where ever the Olympics are hosted. In the year 2012, London is very much honored to take the responsibility of hosting the Olympics. 70 days trip will be covered by 80,000 torchbearers, who will deliver torch to one another along with the message of friendship, peace and unity. The journey ends, when the last torchbearer will light-up the cauldron, at the opening ceremony of Olympics.

    The ethnic tradition of igniting the torch several months earlier is still being followed. Eleven women are awarded with the duty to lit-up the torch through sun light. Women responsible for doing this are basically representing the priestesses of Vest Goddess. A parabolic mirror or reflective device is used to project sun light which is then used to turn on the torch. Another astonishing incident occurred when the flame of the torch was transferred from Athens to Canada through Satellite, for the 1976 Olympics.

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    Route of 2012 Olympic Torch Relay:

    Though the details of the last two day’s routes have never been released by the Olympics organizers, still they do reveal rest of the track. In order to reach the venue the route which has to be followed beyond the borders of England is mentioned as below:



    The trip in Wales initiates on the 26th May and completes it on the 11th May

    Northern Ireland

    In 5 days the journey of Northern Ireland completes. It will start on the 8th of June and end on the 7th of June.


    Within seven days the light will cover the entire region of Scotland starting on the 8th of June, from Stranraer and hand it over to North East England, city Alnwick on the 15th June.

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    National Route of 2012 Olympic Torch Relay:

    Within England the organizers of Olympics have specified a route, by falling the route rearranged below torchbearer will reach the actual venue Olympic Park.

    South West England

    In seven days the tour of South West England completes. Starting from 19th may till 5th May in Cardiff.

    North West England & Isle Of Man

    From Chester the North West England regions will be covered in four days; from the 30th of May till the 2nd June.

    North East England

    In North West England the Journey of torch will begin on the 21st of June and after 4 days, on the 34th day at Carlisle the journey will end.

    North West England

    From 21st of June till 24th of June, the journey in North West England will start from the Dumfries and it will finish in Leeds.

    Yorkshire & Lincolnshire

    Yorkshire and Lincolnshire will be honored to spread the message of unity and peace from 25th of June till 28th of June. On the 41st day the torch will be transferred to Nottingham.


    Day 42 Olympic torch will make its entry in the Midlands. It will take 5 days to cover the route starting from Nottingham till Peterborough.

    Eastern England

    On the 4th of July the torchbearer will commence its journey from Peterborough and end it in Luton on the 8th of July.

    Southern England

    On the 51st day the flair of Olympics will be granted to the Southern England. It will take total 12 days to cover the regions of Southern England.


    The relay route in London will start from Greenwich towards Waltham Forest. On 22nd of July after passing Red Bridge the torch will be delivered to the torchbearer waiting in Bexley. From Lewisham and then Wandsworth on the 67th day the torch will be handed over to Kingston and then to Ealing. On the third last day the torchbearer will travel from Harrow to Haringey.

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    Torchbearers of 2012 Olympic Torch Relay:

    8,000 torchbearers are selected to spread the light, all the way from South West London to the Olympic Park. Among the torchbearers Dominic MacGowan is the youngest candidate aged 11, while 99-year-old Diana Gould is the oldest torchbearer. You can view complete information about the rest of the torchbearers along wit their achievements from this Link.

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    Design of 2012 Olympic Torch:

    With the material of aluminum, a very light weight 800 meter long, torch is made for 2012 Olympics London. The triangular shaped torch is portraying Olympic Movement visions, which are education, culture and sports. The torch is painted gold which symbolizes brightness and warmth, besides that it also has 8,000 perforated small circles.

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    Opening Ceremony of 2012 Olympics & the Torch Relay:

    The torch will reach the Olympic Park on the day when the opening ceremony is scheduled. The last torchbearer has to arrive at the venue and lit-up the cauldron, in order to inaugurated the 2012 Olympic. For detail information about the ceremony, you can check the Opening and Closing Ceremony of 2012 Olympic.

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