Le Herisson School London

Under the approval of Ministere Francais de l’ Education Nationale, Le Herisson School was established in 1998. This French school welcomes students of 2 to 6 years. In every session, 68 kids are admitted in the school where they are provided with the best facilities and learning environment. Besides verbal, various practical projects and tasks are assigned to students so that learning becomes fun for them and they can easily adjust themselves in the environment. Not only French and British nationals, but people from different nationalities are also welcomed in this school. Children are given great quality education under the supervision of highly qualified staff members.

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    Le Herisson School Services:

    The method of teaching is innovative and distinctive from other schools. Each class has an assistant who helps the teacher and makes sure that every student is being granted equal attention.

    Fresh and hot meals are served daily. Snacks are also served that include milk, fruits and vegetables.

    An activity is also organized in the school in which students of different cultures are asked to introduce their culture and language.

    The management of the school makes sure to provide an environment to the students in which they can learn.

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    Operational hours of Le Herisson School:

    Monday to Friday schools opening hours are from 8:45 am to 3:00 pm, while on Wednesday the school closes at 12:00 noon.

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    How to Contact Le Herisson School:

    Though you can pay a personal visit to the school but a better idea would be if you get an appointment by calling the administration on the below number:

    Contact: +44 20 8563 7664

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    Careers & Training Le Herisson School:

    Le Herisson School hires people as teachers' assistants and they are later confirmed for the designation of teachers by keeping their performances in mind.

    Email: administration@leherissonschool.co.uk

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    Le Herisson School Location:

    Riversourt Methodist Church Ravenscourt Road, London W6 9JT, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Le Herisson School:

    By Tube:

    The distance between underground Ravenscourt Park Station and Le Herisson School is of 0.1 mile. By walk it takes total 3 minutes to cover the distance between the two locations. In the West direction keep walking on Ravenscourt Road and after covering a few feet, head towards King St/A315 and then continue your walk on the Rivercourt Road where the school is actually situated. If you wish to acquire details related to route directions then Click Here!

    By Bus:

    Ravenscourt Park, Ravenscourt Park (Stop D) ‎is quite near to your destination. Take route number 27, 190, 267, 391, H91, N9 or N11 in order to get dropped at Ravenscourt Park (Stop D)

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