Hilton Docklands Pier London

Taking its name after two famous landmarks, Hilton Hotel and Nelson Dock (an old 17th century dry dock), Hilton dockland hosts the ship ‘La Dame de Serk – a motor training vessel which is now considered a remainder of the French navy.  Hilton Docklands Pier is the brainchild of Beckett Rankine while it was carried through its construction phase by Downtown Marine Construction and the architectural finesse was provided by Price and Cullen. It is situated at just twenty minutes drive from the City airport and is in close proximity to the Canary and Thames Wharfs, while Canary Wharf Tube Station is within a short distance from there and Hilton Hotel is just next to the dockland.


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    Restaurants and coffee shops near Hilton Dockland:

    You are surely in for a treat at Hilton Docklands if you love to eat and feast. This pier offers a variety of restaurants and coffee shops that offer local and foreign dishes. Beware! You might just end up with a few extra pounds because the food here is an absolute delight. Be it Thai, Chinese or Spanish; help yourself to some of the best bites of your life. For caffeine lovers, the coffee shops here are the best way to truly indulge your senses with the immaculately brewed coffee they serve.

    Blacksmith’s arms, Royal China, Camino, Gaucho and The Grapes.

    Coffee Shops:

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    Clubs and Bars near Hilton Dockland::

    Night life at the pier makes you wish you had longer hours to party. You have a whole list of bars to select here and bring your nights to life. Try to give all the listed places a shot and then select your favorite one from them.

    The Clipper, Jamies, The narrow and The Ledger Building,

    Canary Wharf Health Club and City Gateway The  Limehouse Youth Club

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    Hotel and Accommodation near Hilton Dockland:

    At the dock, you have a choice to stay at the luxurious Hilton Hotel which is the nearest. However, you are surely not short on options and can browse through the below listed places for some of the finest places to stay near the dock. Most of them offer rooms with splendid views of the dock, especially at night when all the lights around offer a beholding sight.

    Hilton London Islington Hotel,  Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Fraser Place Canary Wharf.

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    Sites and Attractions near Hilton Dockland::

    At Hilton Pier you can be sure of one thing: boredom will not come anywhere near. The museums and farms around the dock are must visit places if you have some idle time on you. These places can serve as educational excursions as well.

    Museum of London Docklands and Brunel Museum.

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    Educational Institutes near Hilton Dockland::

    Hilton Dock provides not just good accommodation and entertainment but also caters to your educational needs and requirements. If you are shifting near Hilton Dock, you have a lot of options to choose from for your kids. These start from nursery schools till college level.

    Trinity Child care, Redriff Primary School and Unicorn day nursery.

    Bacon’s College and Lawisham College.

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    Gift Shops and Book shops near Hilton Dockland:

    Book lovers will find a good collection of their favorites in the book shops around the dock. You will also come across some old book shops that offer books at reasonable rates and visitors and residents don’t have to go too far to find just the perfect gifts for any occasion.

    Gift Shops:
    Frontispiece Ltd. and Goldsmiths.

    Book Shops:
    Waterstone’s and Departure.

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    Health and Beauty near Hilton Dockland:

    At Hilton Dockland, you are in reach of every luxury that your body needs. Be it health clubs, salons, spa facilities or beauty centers, you are in for a more beautiful, healthier life.

    LA Fitness West India Quay, Dove Spa, Six senses Spa, Amethyst Therapy and Shades of Green Salon.

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    Emergency services near Hilton Dockland:

    Here is to a life of peace and undisturbed sleep. The nearby police stations make sure that crime rate and street crimes remain at the deepest low, providing residents and visitors unhindered serenity.

    London Police Station and Metropolitan Police Station.

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    Hospitals and Clinics near Hilton Dockland:

    Health clinics at the Dockland mostly operate 24/7 and have emergency staff all day around, while the dockland also has several dental care facilities. For residents of the area, this means they don’t have to go too far for general health concerns and in cases of emergency.

    Physiotherapy Specialists, Barkantine Practice, Barbican Dental Care and South Quay Clinic.

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