Letter Of Intent for Employment

Letter of intent for employment is the other name of cover letter or an equivalent to a job letter. Letter of intent for a job contains the entire specific skills an individual possesses. Usually it is written when somebody requires a job in a certain organisation and identifies his or her academic and professional documents.

A letter of intent for employment also shows your professionalism when entering in any corporate environment. It also looks better when you attach resume and cover letter with the letter of intent for employment to a certain organisation where you want to apply for the specific post. Additional information can also be written if a resume supplements the letter of intent of employment, resume and the cover letter should be in the same font and font size.

In the very first paragraph explain what your primary intention is sending this employment letter. Sometime many people confuse many general things with the main purpose of sending any letter.

You should explain what your current status is in any capacity. What is your purpose and in what capacity you will be able to work for someone. Explain about your academic background and your professional background as well.

In last paragraph, explain how you will be able to do the job in best possible ways. Pay your gratitude in the end and wait for the response.


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    Sample Letter of Intent for Employment

    Jane Smith
    444 Market Lane
    Newport, Virginia 00000
    November 20, 2010

    John Doe
    Hiring Coordinator
    Employment for You, Inc.
    1234 Working Way
    Newport, Virginia 00000

    Dear Mr. Doe:

    I have attended your job fair in London and want to apply for the job opening of an account assistant in your company. I have relative experience in the field as well as passed a Masters Degree from the Business School of Paris. I have also responded to another post in your company in Virginia as I am interested in applying for the opening position and believe that I would be an asset to your company. I have also worked in many organisations and showed my best skills. I think i will assist your company with my best abilities. Your company is one of the biggest organisations in the world as i will try my best to lead this company to bigger heights.

    Very respectfully,
    Jane Smith

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    Template of Letter Of Intent for Employment

    [Sender’s Name]
    [City, State]

    [Receiver’s Name]
    [City, State]

    [To Whom It May Concern]

    I am responding to your post in yesterday’s newspaper about an opening of a job in your art gallery. I am interested in applying for this position and believe that I would be a good choice for your organisation.

    I have a degree in commerce and worked in different fields of industry and can play a vital role in your company. This is also a good opportunity for me as your company’s head quarters in my home town. I am sending my resume and cover letter which will provide you information with my past working experiences and academic background.

    [Sender’s Name]

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