List of Easy to Cook Seafood Recipes

People tend to eat fish more during winters since it keeps you warm. However, if you are a fish lover, you would opt for a seafood dish during summers as well. Here are a few different recipes for the fish lovers. Whether you want to eat fish as an appetizer or the main course, simply pick your choice.


  • 1

    Jelly Fish Salad

    One of the most unique recipes when it comes to seafood. It’s not only delicious but extremely easy to ma to make as well. Just find fried jelly fish in the market and start cooking. Perfect for those who have just started cooking.

  • 2

    Portuguese Style Friend Mackerel Fish

    One of the most famous Portuguese seafood items. Several restaurants are proud to serve this type of fish, but it’s quite easy to make at home as well. The best thing about this particular recipe is, it only requires 20 minutes to get ready.

  • 3

    Vietnamese Fish Salad

    The perfect appetizer for people who are fish lovers. Extremely delicious and easy to make, Vietnamese Salad is good for your health and aids in weight-loss as well. It will only take seven minutes of your life to get ready.

  • 4

    Smoked Salmon

    Salmon has several perks if you are a healthy food lover. It’s rich in protein and antioxidants as well. If you are a fish lover then Salmon should be a priority for you since it is one of the most delicious fish available.

  • 5

    Thai Spicy Seafood Soup

    Seafood is not only restricted to people who love fried food. In fact, you can use it as an appetizer and even as a soup. The Thai Spicy Seafood is just the thing you are looking for if you are tired of the usual chicken soups.

  • 6

    Steamed Fish Fillet

    The most innovative way to eat fish. This recipe is extremely easy to execute and quite delicious once you start eating it. Just buy the best fish fillet as good quality fillets are quite necessary for this food to taste delicious.

  • 7

    Italian Baked Fish

    If you are avoiding fish because it contains a lot of oil and you think it can only taste good once it is fried, well it’s time to change that perception. The Italian baked fish is the perfect way to enjoy your fish. This way you will not be in-taking too much oil and the taste is extraordinary as well.

  • 8

    Ahi Yellow Fin Tuna Steaks

    This particular steak can be cooked in several ways. You can bake it, barbecue it or even grill it. Probably the best appetizer for fish lovers.

  • 9

    Fish and Chips

    The most famous meal when it comes to eating fish. You serve fries with fried fish and voila, you are good to go.

  • 10

    Rainbow Trout Fillet

    The rainbow trout fillet is just like any other fish fillet, but it has its own distinct taste as compared to all other fish that you eat.

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