List for Cross Country Skiing in Ottawa

Cross country skiing (known as XC Skiing) is a cross-terrain sport that is popular in Northern Europe, Canada and Alaska. For fans of running and other outdoor sport enthusiasts, cross country skiing is an excellent and challenging sport. There is nothing quite like XC skiing to get a complete physical workout. Cross country skiing is also a Winter Olympic sport, challenging both in terms of length and speed.

The following list details various cross country ski locations in and around the Ottawa area sure to offer XC skiing fans with a wide range of choice.


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    The Greenbelt

    The city of Ottawa has land that is reserved as green space known as the Greenbelt. This area, covering over 200 square kilometres is also a popular area for hiking, snowshoeing and enjoying nature. This is a great place to visit with some friends and family members as you hit the snowy trails and have a decent XC skiing experience. There is plenty of room so you will not feel like you are being crowded by lots of people. If you want a serious XC skiing experience this is one of the best places to go.

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    Gatineau Park

    Offers everything cross country skiing fans could want. The Park offers over 200 kilometres of trails spanning all kinds of terrain. Cabins and campsites are available as well to take advantage of this beautiful area. Bring your family or friends and enjoy some quality XC skiing on one of the many fine trails throughout this magnificent park. You will find plenty of areas to enjoy as the park is very large and has all the facilities that you will be looking for. Get a campsite or rent a cabin for a day and enjoy some of the best XC skiing in the area.

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    Terry Fox Athletic Facility (at Mooney's Bay Park)

    Mooney’s Bay offers 5 kilometres of well-lit as well as lesson packages. There is something to offer for skiers of all skill levels. This is a great place to get started in the world of XC skiing. You can learn the basics here if you take one of the many lesson packages. You will begin to understand the enjoyment and thrill of XC skiing.

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    Nakkertok Nordik

    Nakkertok is Canada’s largest private ski club. Boasting over 75 kilometres of well-manicured and privately owned trails in Gatineau, they offer racing as well as family fun. Make sure that you visit ski club to have a wonderful XC skiing experience.

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