List of Ballet Schools in London

Though the origination of this dance is from Italy still it has great importance among the Londoners who from small age starts learning the typical skills of ballet dancing so that they could  become a perfect ballet dancer. The proof of its eminence in London is the huge amount of Ballet schools and academies that are present there in order to serve the citizens of London and spread the tremendous aspect of arts among the Londoners. Not only due to its attachment with history but this classic dance has its own distinctive importance and qualities which not only attracts young children but adults as well.


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    English National Ballet Ltd, is a collaboration of top class choreographers, artists and dancers which includes, , Chanel,Matisse, Picasso and Nijinsky

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    Royal Ballet School, besides teaching this organization also arranges ballet functions in which their students can show the tremendous ballet skills.

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    Central School of Ballet, is yet another example which helps in broadening and encouraging the dancing skills. It also has a touring company which was introduced in 1984.

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    Royal Academy Of Dance, is proper academy which teaches the perfect skills of dancing and in the end they also give the certificate of ballet teaching studies. The trainers of this academy are registered and they also arrange a ballet competition.

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    English National Ballet School, has acquired immense fame in the world of ballet dancing academy. This is among the best classical ballet school which was introduced in 1988and since than it has been running independently.

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    Ecole de Pole’s main motive is to polish the skills of ballet dancers by bringing them into shape and increasing the level of flexibility. Besides all that they also intend to make dancing full of fun and entertaining in which the dancers explore something new every day.

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    The City Dance Academy welcomes students and dancers of all age groups. They have been training children who form the age of 2 ½ years are fond of ballet dancing. It depends upon your choice if you wish to take classes for the sake of fun or your intention is to except it as a profession.

    The City Dance Academy

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    Chelsea Ballet Schools, is a school which is especially for children. Twenty years ago this school was opened and at that time there were only two pupils and now it has become attraction for most of the Londoners who are in urge to teach their children this beautiful aspect of art.

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    DanceVision, organizes two classes a week which along with ballet includes jazz as well. They have total two studios and classes are held in the evening.

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