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The Wales Office is a department of United Kingdom government that appeared on the scene after it replaced former Welsh Office. The Welsh Office use to govern Wales with extensive responsibilities before Welsh decentralization back in 1999. The Wales Office now take care of these responsibilities and for this reason it is also known as “Wales’ voice in Westminster and Westminster’s voice in Wales”. However, after the Government of Wales Act 2006 came into being, the Wales Office became less powerful. Now the first and foremost responsibility of this office is to take of the few functions that are now left with Secretary of State for Wales and securing the finances for Wales.

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    Facilities & Services:

    The Wales Office helps the Secretary of State for Wales in making sure the smooth working of the decentralization settlement in Wales. In addition to this Wales Office also represents the interests of Welsh inside the United Kingdom Government plus the UK administration in Wales. The services of this office also include the smooth running of Welsh legislation via Parliament and financial dealings between the National Assembly for Wales and the government of United Kingdom. Moreover, Wales Office also carries out some specific reserved functions for Wales.

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    Organization Structure:

    - Director
    - Deputy Directors (Legislation/Policy)
    - Principal Private Secretary
    - Head of Communications and Press Secretary to the Secretary of State
    - Head of Cardiff office and Deputy Head of Policy
    - Head of Corporate Governance and Organisational Change
    - Head of Constitution
    - Head of Social Policy
    - Head of Economy and Sustainability
    - Head of the Strategy Unit
    - Head of Finance
    - Head of Corporate Services
    - Head of Human Resources
    - Legal Advisers

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    Operational Hours:

    The opening hours of the Wales Office are from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm like the majority of the other government divisions.

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    How to Contact:

    People, who want to get in touch with the administration at Wales Office can either call them on the phone number mentioned below or send them message on email specified below:

    Contact: +44 20 7270 0534

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    The Wales Office, Discovery House, Scott Harbour, Cardiff CF10 4PJ, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Department of Health:

    By Tube

    Westminster tube station is located quite close to the Wales Office, at about 0.2 miles distance. This distance can be covered on foot roughly in 4 minutes, if the commuter head out in the north course on Canon Row towards Derby Gate from the Westminster tube station. This course will lead the commuter to left turn onto Derby Gate, from where he or she should turn right onto Parliament Street/A3212 and continue to follow A3212. Soon the commuter will find the Wales Office on his or her right. View Map

    By Bus

    St James', Horse Guards Parade (SW1) (S-bound) is the nearest bus stop to the Wales Office roughly 30 ft away and is one minute journey by walk. After arriving at this bus stop passenger should head in the south course on Whitehall/A3212 towards Horse Guards Avenue and they will find the destination in front of them.

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