Personal Car Leasing in London

When it comes to getting a car on lease in London, one can assume to be going through a big lengthy process involving a lot of paper work and other formalities. Most people in London, particularly the visitors are not very much aware about car leasing in London and consider it as something rather hectic than facilitating. Nevertheless, if you are well aware of the procedure thus acquainted with all the steps of car leasing in London, it may turn out to be something quite easy. Keeping this in view, below given are some steps to guide you about car leasing in London.


  • 1

    Eligibility Criteria

    Before getting a car on lease, first ensure that meet the general requirements for car leasing in London or UK. Like all other countries, there are some requirements for car leasing in UK which are needed to be fulfilled.

    Given below is a list of these requirements.

    UK citizen and not less than 21 years of age
    Proof of residence along with utility bills, council tax bill and income evidence
    Bank Statement showing details of your credit history
    Valid Driving License

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    Deciding about the car

    If you are sure that you meet the above-motioned requirements, the next task is to decide about the car keeping in view your interest and the available budget. Any information in this regard can be found easily online.

    Here is a list of some websites with information about different cars, their models and the price range.

    Car Supermarket: Click here.

    Car Knowledge: Click here.

    Car Magazine: Click here.

  • 3

    Consult family members and friends

    After getting information about latest car models of different manufactures, you may consult with your family members and friends to have their opinion, which can solve your confusion if you have any.

  • 4

    Market survey

    After finalizing the car that best suits you, it is good to go for some market survey for having some additional information or personal satisfaction. This will make you know about your chosen car’s market repute, performance and price comparison.

  • 5

    Contact leasing companies

    There are number of registered car leasing companies in London, which helps you to get your selected car while assisting you to cover all the legal aspects and documentation.

    When you contact these companies, they will provide you entire information regarding their car leasing plans and markup ratio.

    If their plans meet your budget obligations, get the application form, fill it and return it to the company’s concern person along with providing all the evidences that you fulfill the requirements (see step 1). Rest leave on them to complete the process till the end.

    Here is a list of some car leasing companies in London.

    Car & Vehicle Leasing UK

    Car Lease 4 you

    Crown Leasing

    Mustard Vehicle Leasing

    WesBilling Lease Co

    CC Leasing

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